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A old-new blog about random pursuits of a work-from-home mom.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Smart Postpaid Plans Online Application and @SMARTCares Twitter Support

By On September 21, 2017
Here I am again with my "katamaran", egging me on to not go out and apply for a postpaid plan through a Smart physical store (aside from the fact that there's no Smart Center here in our town, ayoko lang talaga lumabas. Just because 😁). I have actually been looking for online telco stores accepting applications on the site. Having found that I can actually apply online, I eagerly contacted @SMARTCares via Twitter DM to ask how long it takes for the application to be processed. I was advised that it depends on credit evaluation of their validation officers based on the documents submitted. This, I find it fair enough as it would definitely be dependent on their assessment on the documents and info I'd provide. Then, I started gathering my documents. Here's a timeline of every stage of the process:

  1. I submitted my application for through Smart's Online Store. (September 18, 2017, Monday, at around 11:38 AM). I opted for the Smart Postpaid Plan 399, with a Huawei Y7 as my phone. As soon as I hit the "Submit" button, I got a text message and an email saying that my application was submitted (This, I like!).

  2. Later (afternoon) on that same day, someone from the validation team called to verify the info I submitted and I was advised that my husband should also receive another call from one of their reps. And someone did, a few minutes after I got off the phone.

  3. The following day (September 19, 2017 5:00PM), I received another call saying that I'm already pre-approved and that they needed a few more bits of info ie my office/company address (which is, basically, my home address as I work from home) for the application to be fully approved. I gave it to the lady I've spoken to and after a few minutes, I saw that the order status updated to "Approved". Here's how it looks when you check online:

  4. The lady I talked to also made sure that I get all the necessary info I need. After the call, I received an SMS about the order status, as well as an email with the payment link so I can pay for the Initial cash out (I used credit card--this needs to be in your name as the application may fail). Easy Peasy! All I have to do now is to wait for the phone to be delivered (in approximately 5-10 days, no delivery on weekends).

Contrary to most reviews I read about Smart Postpaid plan applications online, I've had a pretty good experience with it. I didn't think it would take them only three (3) business days (I submitted my documents outright during online application submission). Yup! Three days. I was expecting that no one would call me within the week (I was thinking there were lots of applications that their sales team has to go through. But, boy, oh they made my day/s :D. Now, it's time for waiting game.

As for @SMARTCares on Twitter, they (whoever handles their social accounts) lived up to their tagline "Responsive 24/7. I got all the answers I needed. @SMARTCares raised the bar higher. Kudos! This is rare.

Alright, I feel like my face is going to tear apart in two from yawning too much (so effin' sleepy) so I'd say bye for now. I'd be updating this post as soon as I receive my new phone and SIM. I't might take a while or not, depending on the courier service

Disclaimer: I was not paid to conduct/promote Smart's products/services and the initial cash out is paid for by no-one but moi.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Matt Goes To School (Again)!

By On September 12, 2017
Child with Autism Can Be In School
Photo by Kelli Tungay on Unsplash
Hey, y'all! I'm just happy to tell everyone that it's been months since we've decided to send our son, Matt, to school again. Unlike before, he's now excited to come to school (aside from his therapy sessions) more than ever. 

I've rambled before about him not being able to complete the whole school year as he's being bullied for being "different". It's not like that anymore! :) As opposed to what was recommended by the child specialist we brought him to, we've chosen to sign him up under the SpEd (Special Education) program. My initial hesitation came from the fact that he may mimick what his other classmates do (also on the autism-spectrum), but he doesn't really do it. Which is good. His teacher also gives us updates about his progress (which, btw, is really surprising--this includes him being the "mediator" when the other kids are fighting). Well, he deserves to have friends, too, doesn't he? And for this, I think he's doing a pretty awesome job, regardless of his condition.

We don't really want him spending the rest of his life in solitude. I and his dad are the kind of people who have lots of friends and we'd like the same for him as well. At this time, he's formed some "bonds" with two of his classmates (there are five students in his class). We're really proud of him. He may not be as articulate as those typical kids his age, but we've come to realize that kids like him stand a chance at living a normal life. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

To Migrate Or Not To Migrate

By On August 28, 2017
Nope. Definitely not talking about me moving to a different country. Here's the real deal: I got this sweet "Value" Shared hosting plan from Namecheap for $9.88 for the first year. Not bad, right? Since I've got this package recently, I've came to realize a lot of things I'm missing out on. WordPress is the main reason behind this nonsensical rambling you're about to suffer reading through (mehehe). Okay, kidding aside, I  miss using WordPress. Since this blog's come-back, I've been using Blogger.com. I've got nothing against Blogger. In fact, it's my "first love" as it's where I started my exploration of the whole blogging venture. 

BUT, like I said, I miss the feel of customizing and creating content via WordPress. I miss installing plugins/themes of all sorts. I like challenges it has to offer (yes, I learn through the hard way). Most beautiful blogs I see out there are made of this flexible and powerful tool. It's just that I'm thinking ahead of time. Would I be able to handle the hosting's upkeep moving forward? 

Two years ago, I've signed-up for a hosting package (Arvixe, to be exact) and my experience was less than satisfactory. Sure, the package was very easy on the pocket, but I guess this is where "you get what you pay for" is most applicable. My site went offline for far too many times. And customer support was unable to give me valid reason as to why it happened to my site. I've had enough so I decided not to renew. And besides, I'd have to pay $60 for the renewal of the plan which is an amount I'm not willing to shell out for such a crappy service. End of the story.

Now, I have yet to find out if Namecheap is going to be the same banana or not. But I'm hoping it will turn out otherwise. It's just that I'm not entirely sure whether Blogger Mother is going to "jump-ship" again or stay put in Blogger's servers. For now, I've made my husband's site using my Namecheap Hosting package. I don't know. 

Right now, I don't have the bandwidth to migrate everything I have here over to WordPress. I guess it's clear that I'm not going to use it for this blog. However. I'm thinking about using it for other purposes such as my brother's/dad's little car restoration biz. 

-- End of rambling

P.S. In case you're within the area (Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija) and you need a quick fix for your cars/military utility vehicles, you may contact my bro through his Facebook page (yes, doesn't have a website at the moment).


I've just realized that I really cannot move this blog over (again) to WordPress. I'd need to purchase an SSL certificate if I did, so I'll stay put. No WordPress for BloggerMother for now 😂

Sunday, August 27, 2017

"Sad Girls" - A Novel by Lang Leav

By On August 27, 2017
Okay, I've got very little time for myself but I managed to get hold of the novel "Sad Girls" by Lang Leav. I just want to know how a prose/poetry writer would take on novel writing (these are two very different things). Just out of curiousity, I picked it up and next thing I know, I'm already halfway through finishing the book. I can't really say it's a read that will give you the I-won't-put-this-book-down-till-I'm-done feels. It's just that the way it's written was easy to read through, without having to go back several times just to make sure you understood what the message was (okay that was long haha). 

Here's the thing, though. If you are someone who suffers panic attacks, anxiety, and other psychological conditions which may be triggered, read this book with caution. There are triggers. Though it is an easy read, you must understand that this book touched on sensitive issues like suicide, guilt, etc. A bit on the heavy stuff. 

One thing good about the piece was that it has shown pretty much how real life goes for teenagers
(but heck, they have jobs already--I wasn't working until I was 24). The shit that Audrey one has to go through out of guilt, issues with parents, and all other stuff that some of us, as human beings have been in once in our lives (except maybe for being a full-on biatch on her mom), they were all real. She was portrayed as if she was good-for-nothing. I didn't really root for her, to be honest. I guess, on the "brighter" side of things, she and what she did serves as an example to people making up stuff to look "cool" (that's how I read her character) and later regret it for the rest of their existence.

Is she a bad person? I don't think so. Maybe the situation she's in made her do things that she chose to do. She tends to change her mind so quickly though. I don't know. For now, all I can say is that it's fallen flat of my expectations. The ending was quite predictable. Or maybe I've read more than enough mind-fuck books that Sad Girls didn't surprise me anymore. Anyway, I wouldn't really go much into detail (I know some may have not read  it yet) about this book, but just a thought: I'm never going to be a fan of novels with romanticized mental illness. I'm not saying I'm disgusted, but there are people who are suffering because of those and I'll never really understand what it's like to be in their shoes, even if I read/hear it from a narrative.