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It's Nice To Be Back!

Whew, I have been wanting to post a few days back, but my keyboard just wouldn't allow me. Some of the keys seem to be stuck that I had to open the laptop by myself (yes, I do it all the time with any gadget that I have hahaha!) and clean the keys. 
A lot has been going on since I was gone (as if I was gone for a year). Anyway, I just want to let every one know who might have been reading my blog (if there are any), that I am keeping my promise of updating this blog regularly. And while in the process of updating, I again managed to create a few new ones. I just got so excited because I was able to fix my laptop (smug look on my face). 
Apart from the laptop fixing episode, I was also surprised that our pet Douglas (he's a dog) munched on my sandals the other day. Yes, my ever trusty (and dirty) Crocs got torn and bitten by the pooch. Well, I guess he was just bored being imprisoned in his cage the whole day. Or he was just trying to get our attention. He's already an adu…

From Call Center Agent To Freelancer

The sudden switch from working as a call center agent to a full time freelancer brings so many changes. I, myself, have proven it. Giving up something that you've been doing for years is not easy. It could be one of the toughest situations anyone could ever be in. It's even more difficult if that's your main means of putting food on the table.

Having a regular 8-hour job in a call center means shorter time to be with the family. Presence in family gatherings is very rare (reps often sleep during the day). To get an approved leave, you must have a so called "valid" (read: life and death situation) reason, unless you're brave enough to face the wrath of your boss when you get back from your absence.

Socialization with friends outside the company you're working in almost never exist. And many other sacrifices. Including one's own health. You cannot be absent (unless you're on your deathbed). You have to brave the storm just to get to work. More ofte…

Dinadiawan Beach!

This is a very long overdue post as these photos were taken on the very last week of March 2013. It's rainy season now, but what the heck?! I just posted this for the sake of other people who may be looking for other travel destinations during summer breaks or company team building activities. Boracay may be way too far people who live in the northern part of the Philippines. I know it's worth the wait but why settle for something too far when you can have same look and feel with less than half the travel time?
Dinadiawan is a part of Dipaculao, Aurora Province. If you've ever heard of or traveled to Baler (one of the most popular surfing spots here in the Philippines), then you might have an idea about how much time you'll spend traveling to get to this nice place. Approximately, it's a 2-hour drive from Baler, Aurora. I recommend riding an SUV or something that's higher than a car. No need to ride a plane if you live in nearby provinces. Just expect some bump…