Dinadiawan Beach!

Dinadiawan Agri Beach Resort

This is a very long overdue post as these photos were taken on the very last week of March 2013. It’s rainy season now, but what the heck?! I just posted this for the sake of other people who may be looking for other travel destinations during summer breaks or company team building activities. Boracay may be way too far people who live in the northern part of the Philippines. I know it’s worth the wait but why settle for something too far when you can have same look and feel with less than half the travel time?

Dinadiawan is a part of Dipaculao, Aurora Province. If you’ve ever heard of or traveled to Baler (one of the most popular surfing spots here in the Philippines), then you might have an idea about how much time you’ll spend traveling to get to this nice place. Approximately, it’s a 2-hour drive from Baler, Aurora. I recommend riding an SUV or something that’s higher than a car. No need to ride a plane if you live in nearby provinces. Just expect some bumpy ride ahead. On the way to the Dinadiawan Agri Beach Resort, you may encounter some parts of the road that were under construction. There are also some parts where brooks flow across or alongside of the road. I haven’t taken some pictures of the terrain but I will update this post as soon as I have some from my sister’s camera.

When we arrived at the resort, we were welcomed by very accommodating staff. The front desk lady ensured that we got really nice rooms. For less than 3000 PhP, we got air-conditioned rooms with bathrooms where we can stay in for 24 hours. A kitchen, which was separate from the rooms, was made available for us for 500 PhP., including the wood stove and barbecue grill gave us a chance to whip up our own meals.

In the resort premises, we were required to wear baller IDs with the resort logo to make sure there are no outsiders in the area. Me and my husband took a walk around the place and we’ve found a bar, that sells liquor in the evening, and some food and coffee in the morning. There was even a live band that performed there for three nights, so it was pretty much like Bora. But if you’re after the serene, peaceful retreat, there are some quiet spots as well. Unlike Boracay, it’s not too commercialized. not many know a place like this exists here in Luzon.

So why bother booking flights and preparing yourself to bask under the sun in Boracay when you can have that here in Dinadiawan?