From Call Center Agent To Freelancer

The sudden switch from working as a call center agent to a full time freelancer brings so many changes. I, myself, have proven it. Giving up something that you’ve been doing for years is not easy. It could be one of the toughest situations anyone could ever be in. It’s even more difficult if that’s your main means of putting food on the table.

Having a regular 8-hour job in a call center means shorter time to be with the family. Presence in family gatherings is very rare (reps often sleep during the day). To get an approved leave, you must have a so called “valid” (read: life and death situation) reason, unless you’re brave enough to face the wrath of your boss when you get back from your absence.

Socialization with friends outside the company you’re working in almost never exist. And many other sacrifices. Including one’s own health. You cannot be absent (unless you’re on your deathbed). You have to brave the storm just to get to work. More often than not, you have to appear and sound like you’re not affected by the constant ramblings of your boss and the customers you’re assisting over the phone. “Life sucks” is what you say almost everyday. You’re always itching to press “Log out” on your desk phone but you can’t. You keep glancing at your watch, longing to see that hour-hand strike the time that you can finally go home. And so on. This daily dose of I-don’t-want-to-say-what-I-call-them is what a call center agent has to endure. What I used to endure.

Why jump-ship then? What gives? My family, of course. Any of you who did the same might have the same reason. Is there anything more fulfilling than working from home in the presence of your family? Some might think it’s not the way to go if you’re sending your child to school. In my case, it is. If you have a family who’s willing to help in any way they can, like mine, then this is the right track. I may be wrong, but it is worth a try. I tried, and now I can work whenever I want. I can send my kid to school, feed him, tend to him when he’s sick and all other things I failed to do when I was still a call center employee. I once wrote that work could be hard to come by if you’re freelance. But it must not end there.

What motivates me is my family. It drives me to continue what I am doing. And I love what I do. I mean, I used to think that I will be in the call center industry for a while, as it’s what I’m most comfortable with. Yet the industry does not give any promise of stability. Not going out of my comfort zone is what kept me from giving up that job. Now I am glad I did.There’s a lot life has to offer if one would make the most out of what he or she does. Giving up the job that you’re comfortable with could be one of the hardest decisions you’re ever going to make. You wouldn’t really know what it’ll be like if you’re afraid to try. Trying is your stepping stone towards a whole new life. I did it, I am continuously learning, and I am sure something big is going to happen.