Casapsapan Beach in Aurora Province

Here’s another must-try whitesand beach in the Philippines. The Casapsapan beach in Aurora Province (I’m a fan of beaches in this province ‘coz they’re just a few hours away from Nueva Ecija). In case your point of origin is Manila, here’s a map showing the route that you will have to take to experience one of the less popular but great beaches in the Philippines.
For me, it’s one of the best beaches in the Philippines as it’s not been commercialized yet. Many beaches in the Philippines like Boracay Beach has been receiving too much amount of popularity that most people, celebrity or not, choose to explore it than the other less known ones with the same amount beauty.
The map above shows only the route that you can take using your own vehicle. There’s a different route available if you take public transportation
Casapsapan, Casiguran, Aurora, Philippines

The snapshot above gives you a clear view of what to expect during your travel to Casapsapan beach. Notice the muddy terrain, which is just a usual scenario in the daily lives of Casiguran locals.
Road going to Casapsapan, Casiguran

Now, this shot of the road above also mirrors the description I’ve posted for Dinadiawan. Here, you can see a brook running across with some really bumpy and muddy portions of the road. That’s why you may have to travel using a SUV for more ease in traveling.

Dinadiawan Beach
This photo above was taken in one of the many spots along the way that are often used for taking pictures by travelers. This spot is located somewhere near Dinadiawan beaches.

Finally, after approximately 5 hours of travel time, having covered around 221 km, we have pleasured ourselves looking at this beauty sans the crowd that you’ll usually see in Boracay.
Casapsapan beach shoreline, Casiguran, Aurora Province
The view up here is even more awesome than in Dinadiawan due to the almost pristine whitesand beach (well, almost, since some folks have already been here). This shot was above taken around 10:30 AM when we arrived.
Sunrise at Casapsapan Beach
Casapsapan beach is even more breathtaking at dawn. Unbelievable as it may seem, but this snap above was captured around 4:00 AM.

The Aurora province has a very rich flora and fauna. So during our visit in Casapsapan, we took time to see what the place has in store for us. One of the most fascinating plant we have encountered was the Catmon tree.
Catmon Flower

From afar, it may look like any ordinary tree and the fruit somehow resembles a guava fruit. Look at the flowers more closely.
Catmon fruit unopened

The catmon fruit (better known as Elephant apple in some countries), to me, seemed like it was a flower bud. Little did I know that it was indeed a bud that would turn into a flower.

Catmon fruit peeled

Note the red vein-like structure. It’s similar to the “veins” you’ll find in the middle of the flower. Locals said that if a fruit was not harvested, it further matures and grows into a flower. Interesting, isn’t it? For other regular plants, it’s flower first, then turns into a fruit.For catmon, it’s the opposite.

We have also visited a little zoo which houses several species of the animals that can be found within the region. Some of them were the deer, monkey, and wild pig. It was such a great experience that five-day stay seemed to be too short. This place will surely be included in our vacation this coming summer (may be too early to plan, heck! I just love the place).
Wild Hog, Casiguran, Aurora Province, Philippines

Deer in Casiguran, Aurora