Time For A Break!

Whew! I have never felt so refreshed. I’ve had another project done. Yay! Good vibes! It really feels good to know that at least one person believes in my ability as a writer. Though I’m just making some baby-steps to my own success, I am on my way to reaching it. I’m a hard knock, y’know. Haha! No one and nothing could stop me from pursuing this career. And Stef Gonzaga released “The Freelancer’s Manifesto” just in time. It’s such an inspiring piece that freelancers must read. In case you’re wondering what I’m referring to, here’s the link to the book: The Freelancer’s Manifesto.To any freelancer who might be reading this, you can click on the link I’ve provided, make sure to share it with anyone whom you think might need it. It’ll surely boost your confidence and morale.

Reading it made my day. What a nice way to have a break. Plus warm hugs from my husband and son. I had no idea that freelancing can be physically and emotionally draining until I went full-time. But it’s worth my time and effort. I have all the time to work, get into some other gigs online, take care of my family and write on my blog every now and then Great, right? Being happy with what I have and what I do keeps me going. I’ll still continue what I’ve chosen to do, and I’m going to work really hard to become a seasoned freelance professional. To all new fellow freelancers out there, don’t let anything or anyone stand in our way to stop our success.After all, we are solo professionals and no one owns us.