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Our Own Herb Garden

Last year, I and my husband decided to put up a small herb garden of our own. Since my sister and his aunts are living outside the country, we asked them to send us some seeds of the plants that we want to cultivate. Some of the plants that we were able to grow under Philippine climate are the Italian Large Leaf Basil and Jalapenos.
The Italian Large Leaf Basil is an herb that we use most of the time when we cook pasta. We are very fond of pesto so the leaves are always being harvested, leaving the plant almost bald. Haha! 
It may seem impossible for anyone in the Philippines to grow these plants but researching a lot about them definitely gives some good results. However, there are some plants that no matter how hard we tried growing and taking care of them, they just wilt and die. Like rosemary. When my sister came back from Italy, she managed to hand-carry a mature rosemary plant. It lasted for about a month (we kept it indoors, near the kitchen sink, even though my sister insiste…

Taste N See Toasted Pastillas: A Milky Treat

My husband went home from work one day with a packet of tasty treats. At first, I thought it was just a small bag of crunchy croutons (I was puzzled actually, as I can't remember we bought some stuff for salads). But then, it turns out those little cubes were actually pastillas! I wouldn't really know if he hadn't told me.
Honestly, this was my first time to taste toasted pastillas. And this thing tastes great! This is the kind of pastillas that I'd always wanted. The sugar coating on the outside makes it sweet. I think the sugar was torched to make it stick to the milk mixture, thus giving it a toasted look. The pastillas cube may have been coated with sugar, but, surprisingly it tastes just right and not too sweet. I was so used to the pastillas that we usually buy from sari-sari stores that I was expecting Taste N See Toasted Pastillas to be the same in terms of sweetness.
I took some photos of it before opening the bag. I'm afraid I might not be able to take …


Great! It's one in the morning and I'm still wide-awake. Thanks to my companion for more than fifteen years: coffee. It's effect on me never fails. I just had a cup of instant coffee after dinner and here I am, very much awake, alert, and alive (not that enthusiastic though, haha!).

I've started to have a relationship with this buddy when I was twelve (I know, I was way too young but I just love it). The bond between me and coffee is going strong as ever. I became more drawn to this alertness-enhancing beverage back in college when I had to read stacks of lecture manuals until the wee hours of the morning. I thought it's going to end after I graduate. I was wrong to believe that 😂.
When I used to work call centers, my bond with the aromatic brew became stronger. I wouldn't have survived the graveyard shifts if not for this wonderful caffeine-packed decoction. Back in the days when I had to stay up from 10PM until 7AM, my average consumption's around sever…

Blog Makeovers And Personalities

Over the past few days, this blog went through a series of re-"fashioning" (if you can find any fashion in it, haha!). I've done that to simply make it look different so, to justify individuality further, I made some changes according to my whims.
Most often, blog readers often look at blogs first from its looks then the contents. I must admit that my blog isn't the "Wow!" type of blog when it comes to looks. It's a bit plain, actually. But I just don't want to overdo things so I kept the look more on the subdued side. I'm more on inclined on that side as a person and my goal is to make this blog resonate that.
To make the blog personality thing more interesting, I tried the Typealyzer, the brainchild of Jon Kågström, created using Wordpress for the site's framework coupled with his own text classification server called uClassify. This thing compares texts on a URL provided based on the predefined sample texts compiled by Mattias Östmar. And …