Over the past few days, this blog went through a series of re-“fashioning” (if you can find any fashion in it, haha!). I’ve done that to simply make it look different so, to justify individuality further, I made some changes according to my whims.
Most often, blog readers often look at blogs first from its looks then the contents. I must admit that my blog isn’t the “Wow!” type of blog when it comes to looks. It’s a bit plain, actually. But I just don’t want to overdo things so I kept the look more on the subdued side. I’m more on inclined on that side as a person and my goal is to make this blog resonate that.
To make the blog personality thing more interesting, I tried the Typealyzer, the brainchild of Jon Kågström, created using WordPress for the site’s framework coupled with his own text classification server called uClassify. This thing compares texts on a URL provided based on the predefined sample texts compiled by Mattias Östmar. And parts of the type description texts, some of them slightly modified, are courtesy of Wikipedia and CelebrityTypes.com.

Now, the results are actually interesting as the Typealyzer was quite accurate on some points but not the entire personality. Here’s what I got after having  this blog‘s personality-type analyzed before this particular post’s published:

And there it is! It’s just amazing to see how it accurately analyzed the type of person that I am. The personality based on the posts that the typealyzer analyzed was just spot-on indeed. Though my profession does not fall in the common satisfying careers. Many other websites or blogs may be classified under different types but the results are not always as accurate as what I’ve got. That’s why users of the site are encourage to submit the right author-personality type to improve the database. You can try it yourself, actually. It’s free to use. Alright! So much for my writing inspiration today. I’m not really planning to blog my brains out today but hopefully, I can still reserve my “creative juice” for the coming days. ‘Til my next post then!