Our Own Herb Garden

Basil in the Philippines (bloggermother.com)
Last year, I and my husband decided to put up a small herb garden of our own. Since my sister and his aunts are living outside the country, we asked them to send us some seeds of the plants that we want to cultivate. Some of the plants that we were able to grow under Philippine climate are the Italian Large Leaf Basil and Jalapenos.
The Italian Large Leaf Basil is an herb that we use most of the time when we cook pasta. We are very fond of pesto so the leaves are always being harvested, leaving the plant almost bald. Haha! 
It may seem impossible for anyone in the Philippines to grow these plants but researching a lot about them definitely gives some good results. However, there are some plants that no matter how hard we tried growing and taking care of them, they just wilt and die. Like rosemary. When my sister came back from Italy, she managed to hand-carry a mature rosemary plant. It lasted for about a month (we kept it indoors, near the kitchen sink, even though my sister insisted that it just grows outdoors and is fine with it) but slowly wilted. Probably due to very high humidity here in our country. Before that, during one of our visits to Baguio City, we bought three very young plants and brought them here in Nueva Ecija and the plants got the same fate. We just decided that we’ll just have to make-do with those dried rosemary leaves in bottles that can be found in supermarkets.