It’s 2014 and I’m back to work!

The year 2013 has been very good to me. I may not have some luck when I first went into being a full-time freelancer but I learned a lot from it. Though I haven’t earned that much, I’m grateful as I now have a lot in my possessions that I’d be taking with me wherever I go. That being said, I’d want to let you know what it was all about and how much it means to me.
  • I can now call myself a real solo professional – Thanks to the tons of advise I got from my fellow freelancers. I wouldn’t have made it if I hadn’t known from them that it could really get hard during the first few months and what they did and kept on doing to thrive.
  • Declined applications is not the end of the world! – I stayed on oDesk for quite a while (I still am on oDesk, but not as active as I was in July of 2013). I sent quite a number of applications but only got a few active candidacies. To be honest, I felt bad when I didn’t make it to the roster of successfully hired contractors.  But it’s what made it sweeter when I got a deal!
  • Freelancing doesn’t stop in oDesk – Yeah! It might be the most popular freelancing site there is, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the ONLY place you could get clients from. I learned this the hard way. Staying in one place doesn’t present too many options. Research is one of the keys to a successful freelancing career.
  • Friends are really your brothers/sisters from another mother. They’d go the extra mile just to give what you might just need to kickstart your chosen career path. I may only have a few, but I know they’re golden. Thanks to you! You know who you are. I’ve got myself a brand spankin’ new job before the year 2013 ended. Yay!
  • If there’s some one or some people who would be most involved in one’s choice to become a freelancer, it’s got to be the family. Why work from home if there’s no one there who you want to be with all the time?
Oh, well. Of course, I have more that I’d want to share but I don’t want you to go ho-hum on me. How ’bout you? What did you gain or learn from last year?