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Online Shopping Review - Lazada

Since I've started working from home back in 2013, I was able to purchase things online through online shopping portals such as Lazada. Initially, I was wary of these online stores as I have yet to try any of them and I really was a newbie when it comes to online transactions. But I've tested it out by purchasing small items such as Casio watches and a pair of Mojo Sandals from Zalora.
I was impressed by how fast and efficient it is so from then on, I buy most of the things I need or want from online stores. This is actually a convenient way for me to buy things as malls too far from our place (2-hour drive).
About a month ago, I bought a Lenovo laptop through Lazada which is being sold by Villman. It actually took me several months before giving it a go as I didn't know what state the laptop would be when it's delivered.  But it turned out to be a good purchase as it came here in just 4 days (as opposed to provincial deliveries which is 5-7 days).

As always, it was de…

Ear Tunnels from DunnyGun (Etsy) and Aroy' Ay! Organic Plugs and Tunnels

I have been wearing ear tunnels since 2002 (my uncle was the one who did the stretching for me). Since then, I've been "improvising", turning anything cylindrical (Zagu straws, thread spools, etc.) into tunnels as I didn't know where I could buy them. My uncle once made an aluminum pair but I already outgrew them so I have to have a new pair with larger diameter.
Last time I bought was from an online shop on Facebook, Aroy'Ay! Organic Plugs and Tunnels and I got a wooden "Mayan-inspired" tunnels. which cost approximately PhP 750 (including shipping fee).
I actually liked the pair that came from Aroy'Ay! and it fit me well. However, it's made of wood so I really have to be extra careful as it could break easily. Since I only got this pair for now, I decided to give Etsy a try as I know that sellers on this portal handcrafted these kinds of items.

When I searched for ear tunnels in Etsy, I realized that there are lots of sellers and I found all…

Security Bank Features (A Short Review)

Surprisingly, the money that I have transferred form PayPal to my Security Bank account only took three (3) business days which is awesome. Unlike the other bank I've tried, the transfer takes as long as 5 days.
Aside from the transfer, I've also decided to create an e-Secure Savings which allows my money to earn interest starting at PhP 5,000. I have yet to see how it would fare so, I'll be posting some updates as well how this one goes.
As for the other features, what I like most is how every transaction or change requires a One-Time-Password (OTP) which ensures the account security. From changing phone numbers, to enrolling other accounts/mobile number for reloading, they'll all require an OTP.
Together with the OTP, I like Security Bank's e-give Cash which allows me to send money to anyone via my online portal. I don't have to go through long lines in Western Union, and pay for additional fees for sending. I personally hate going to "Padala" cent…

Update: Security Bank Online Banking Activation

Yesterday morning, around 10, I went back to the branch where I opened my savings account with Security Bank to activate online banking. I was advised that it would be activated in 24 hours. But then I got an email just a few minutes ago stating that my online account has been activated. It hasn't even been 24 hours yet. So happy!
So I went in and explored the portal, so far, it exceeded my expectation. The interface was quite clean and easy to navigate. I wasn't expecting to have an option to reload my mobile through the online banking portal as it was documented that they only support Suncellular for now--I think that's the only information in their website that's outdated. But it's okay, at least I didn't expect too much.
I also learned that the account number of the savings account is different from the card number, contrary to what I've been reading from other posts online. This is another plus for me as it ensures that the account number isn't re…

Open A Bank Account With One Valid ID

I've decided to post this since I've been receiving comments/ messages related to my previous posts about RCBC MyWallet as it's one of the most widely used method of verifying Paypal as well as transferring Paypal to bank and for Odesk LFT. However, it's been so stressful dealing with RCBC lately as it's really hard to get my information updated (updating mobile phone, resetting transaction password).
So I went out looking for some other alternatives and I chose  Security Bank which is quite a great alternative. The staff are friendly, and there's not too many people (actually, there were only 3 people in the bank when I went to the Rizal Street Branch in Cabanatuan). They don't make a fuss about getting 1x1 pictures and you could open a savings account with just one (1) valid ID. The best part is that you'll get the "Everyday Card" which is their ATM card with a MasterCard logo and you'll get this on the same day of your account opening.…