Update: Security Bank Online Banking Activation

Yesterday morning, around 10, I went back to the branch where I opened my savings account with Security Bank to activate online banking. I was advised that it would be activated in 24 hours. But then I got an email just a few minutes ago stating that my online account has been activated. It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet. So happy!

So I went in and explored the portal, so far, it exceeded my expectation. The interface was quite clean and easy to navigate. I wasn’t expecting to have an option to reload my mobile through the online banking portal as it was documented that they only support Suncellular for now–I think that’s the only information in their website that’s outdated. But it’s okay, at least I didn’t expect too much.
I also learned that the account number of the savings account is different from the card number, contrary to what I’ve been reading from other posts online. This is another plus for me as it ensures that the account number isn’t readily available to anyone, just in case you lose your card.
I have yet to check how it would go for PayPal withdrawal as it’s just been activated and I just added it today in my PayPal account. I’m actually planning to use this as a separate account just for savings. I might be closing my other account as it’s just a prepaid wallet but I might still continue it for cash withdrawals.
If you’d like to know more about opening an account with Security Bank, you can go to a branch near you.