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Ear Tunnels from DunnyGun (Etsy) and Aroy' Ay! Organic Plugs and Tunnels

I have been wearing ear tunnels since 2002 (my uncle was the one who did the stretching for me). Since then, I've been "improvising", turning anything cylindrical (Zagu straws, thread spools, etc.) into tunnels as I didn't know where I could buy them. My uncle once made an aluminum pair but I already outgrew them so I have to have a new pair with larger diameter.
Last time I bought was from an online shop on Facebook, Aroy'Ay! Organic Plugs and Tunnels and I got a wooden "Mayan-inspired" tunnels. which cost approximately PhP 750 (including shipping fee).
I actually liked the pair that came from Aroy'Ay! and it fit me well. However, it's made of wood so I really have to be extra careful as it could break easily. Since I only got this pair for now, I decided to give Etsy a try as I know that sellers on this portal handcrafted these kinds of items.

When I searched for ear tunnels in Etsy, I realized that there are lots of sellers and I found all…