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Every time I look back to how it felt when I left my previous job, it brings elation. Yep! It feels THAT good.
I can never deny the fact that having been an office employee for so long, I've had some ups and lots of downs. It is everywhere. I know people who've also been employed at some point in their lives would understand.
And there are a lot of things that's been happening lately and sometimes I keep wondering, if keeping the way things are right now is all worth the trouble (for the record, this ain't about MY job). It makes me re-think and do some awful lot of keeping my thoughts to myself (I know, I'm telling you this but this isn't even a quarter if it all). I'd die if I don't even write about it. Like seriously.
I know I'm starting to sound like a drama queen. But then, I've realized that there are some challenges that we need to face, head-on. For some unknown reasons, I feel like there's something big (or small, whatever) coming. I d…