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Deleted Old Posts

In case some of you (who used to visit my old blog) might be wondering where my other posts go (I used to have around sixty posts), I deleted them for several reasons:
Broken images -- I was so excited migrating to WordPress before so I didn't bother creating a backup of the image files. The saved images were in my old computer which have long been "retired". The result: images no longer appearing when I imported the posts from WordPress to Blogger.
I suck at writing and it was evident on those old posts I had. I don't care if they've been there since 2013. Honestly, they're cringe-worthy enough that I didn't hesitate to banish them, forever. Not worried that they're cached somewhere. I changed domains several times, took the blog down for a while, checked for cached versions online, and now, I found zero traces. Yeah, it is THAT horrible that I'd rather have the final look instead of you making fun of them for the last time hahaha.
I'd like to …

My Dad's Restored Military Utility Vehicles

Just sharing my dad’s projects. The Mitsubishi J23 and Willys M38. I remember when I was a kid, we started off with the Willys M38. He eventually sold it, then he also restored some M151s, as well as M38a1. Also sold. And now he’s back to these two.

I'll be adding up the photos of the other vehicles we previously owned then sold. But it would come later as these are the only ones I have on my phone (recent shots). 

I missed driving one of these and I'm hoping I'd be able to drive one soon. Although these are technically grandfather vehicles, they stood the test of time. It may not be as comfortable as driving a modern car but they can be used just about anywhere, may it be in rugged terrain (or mountainous areas), or the city streets. 
I remember first driving on my own using one of our M151as.  And I still want to be able to drive one. It may seem too far-fetched for now as we don't have one at the moment (the ones we had were all sold). But I ain't losing hope.

Autism Art

Just a little background about this drawing: My eight-year-old son drew his own version of the Big Ben (with a tiny Eiffel Tower, too). It may not look as good as other drawings out there. But I’m proud and I love it to bits. Just proves that being different (he has autism) doesn’t make him or anyone any less of a person. 
This would be the very first time I'm posting about it here. We found out about it in 2013 when we went to a child specialist. It confirmed my and my husbands' suspicion. We have been seeing signs, and we're not confident that it's just part of growing up.
Having a child with autism is something that some parents find hard to admit. To be honest, I used to be in the same situation. I don't want it, I want my son to be like other "normal" kids. But I can't really do anything about it, can I? Truth is, we actually can. We chose to seek professional help. I said that it was hard to admit, especially with relatives as not all people ar…

Back From The Grave

I kind of went into a hiatus from posting and I’ve said that I won’t be coming back the soonest. But then I guess, I can’t resist the “urge” to write.
Now, I'm typing furiously on my mobile. Yes, I'm posting this from a mobile app (Blogger). A lot of things happened and I went a bit behind on posting due to a so many reasons. I shut the blog down. But I kind of missed the fun and I just missed writing, is all. And being only limited to Facebook added fuel to the fire (I don't really use Facebook that much).. so here I am again. Wasting a few of your precious minutes (haha) and taking up a free space on the world wide web.