Autism Art

Just a little background about this drawing: My eight-year-old son drew his own version of the Big Ben (with a tiny Eiffel Tower, too). It may not look as good as other drawings out there. But I’m proud and I love it to bits. Just proves that being different (he has autism) doesn’t make him or anyone any less of a person. 
This would be the very first time I’m posting about it here. We found out about it in 2013 when we went to a child specialist. It confirmed my and my husbands’ suspicion. We have been seeing signs, and we’re not confident that it’s just part of growing up.
Having a child with autism is something that some parents find hard to admit. To be honest, I used to be in the same situation. I don’t want it, I want my son to be like other “normal” kids. But I can’t really do anything about it, can I? Truth is, we actually can. We chose to seek professional help. I said that it was hard to admit, especially with relatives as not all people are well-informed what autism really is. For some, it’s some kind of a disease. Some may call autistic persons crazy. It’s so hard to accept because I certainly know that it’s not the case.  Or I guess I’m just being a mom, trying to protect my son from this cruel world. But, regardless of what other people say, he is our son, and he’s just like any other kid, only much more special, and can do so much more.