Deleted Old Posts

In case some of you (who used to visit my old blog) might be wondering where my other posts go (I used to have around sixty posts), I deleted them for several reasons:


  • Broken images — I was so excited migrating to WordPress before so I didn’t bother creating a backup of the image files. The saved images were in my old computer which have long been “retired”. The result: images no longer appearing when I imported the posts from WordPress to Blogger.
  • I suck at writing and it was evident on those old posts I had. I don’t care if they’ve been there since 2013. Honestly, they’re cringe-worthy enough that I didn’t hesitate to banish them, forever. Not worried that they’re cached somewhere. I changed domains several times, took the blog down for a while, checked for cached versions online, and now, I found zero traces. Yeah, it is THAT horrible that I’d rather have the final look instead of you making fun of them for the last time hahaha.
  • I’d like to help Google clean up the entire world-wide-web — I know, I sound like an online warrior/hero-whatever you want to call it. There are about 300 trillion pages indexed in the web cache (still growing) and I’d like to take part in helping the search engines’ algorithm “eliminate” irrelevant pages from the search results. Again, I’m not playing hero. I just want to save space.
  • Some reviews I posted were kind of out-of-date. Nakakatamad mag-update. It would take me weeks to go over my old posts and make changes accordingly.  I’d rather post new/fresh content than edit obsolete posts.
Now, I know that no one will miss them (I don’t really make noise online) so I just did what I think I have to do to make this space better.
There may be some typos on the published posts that somehow “eluded” my eyes (I make mistakes, of course). I’ll still check them out and edit them. And I promise I’d be posting more (kahit ayaw nyo pa hahaha).


For item #2 in the list, just because I didn’t find the old posts in Google doesn’t mean they’re all gone now. I found them in the Wayback Machine (look that up hahaha). I guess you get the last laugh, after all. 🙂