My Dad’s Restored Military Utility Vehicles

Just sharing my dad’s projects. The Mitsubishi J23 and Willys M38. I remember when I was a kid, we started off with the Willys M38. He eventually sold it, then he also restored some M151s, as well as M38a1. Also sold. And now he’s back to these two.

I’ll be adding up the photos of the other vehicles we previously owned then sold. But it would come later as these are the only ones I have on my phone (recent shots). 

Willys M38, Mitsubishi J23
The one at the left is the Mitsubishi J23, and this one right here is the Willys M38 (my dad’s grandfather originally owned it and my dad bought it from his uncle to restore it.)
Mitsubishi J23
Mitsubishi J23
I missed driving one of these and I’m hoping I’d be able to drive one soon. Although these are technically grandfather vehicles, they stood the test of time. It may not be as comfortable as driving a modern car but they can be used just about anywhere, may it be in rugged terrain (or mountainous areas), or the city streets. 
I remember first driving on my own using one of our M151as.  And I still want to be able to drive one. It may seem too far-fetched for now as we don’t have one at the moment (the ones we had were all sold). But I ain’t losing hope.
My dad’s a sucker for these toughies and chances are, he’d have one again to work on in the coming months. He’s a hobbyist/businessman (he sells them after poring over them for months to make them roadworthy again) so there’s a high probability that he’d get one to fix, anytime soon.
The Mitsubishi J23 is up for sale at the moment (but not the M38, my dad’s keeping it). If you are looking to own one, you can contact me via this page or leave me a message through any of my social profiles. I’d get in touch with you as soon as I can. 🙂


I posted a blog entry about our old M151 which has been sold in the early 2000’s. Check it out: M151 MUTT And Some More Photos