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PhilHealth Will Introduce Benefit Packages For Children With Disabilities

By On February 28, 2017
This is good news! I just saw a Facebook post about a news release from PhilHealth about the introduction of benefit packages, specifically for children with disabilities.

Now that's what I'm talking about! Pagbigyan, masyado lang natutuwa 😁. It's about time our government agencies make things like these happen. I know there are a lot going on in our nation. But among  the fiasco that's happening to our Motherland, there are good things happening and there are even more to look forward to.

You see, here in the Philippines, parents who don't have enough financial means to support their kids with disabilities just accept the way things are. And it's really hard for them to see their kids not getting proper management, not being able to live a normal life. 

I know that we are a third-world country and this effort from PhilHealth seem like a baby-step. But at least something is in the pipeline. This is better than just hoping that kids with disabilities get the same support as that with children in other countries such as the US. 

I'm really really excited about this and I know many other parents who knew will feel the same way. It may be small, but the future is looking brighter than ever.

How To Fix Mixed Content Error in Blogger/Blogspot Blogs On HTTPS

By On February 27, 2017

Resolve Mixed Content Errors in Blogger/Blogspot Bllogs on HTTPS

Alright, enough of the drama. As promised, here's the tutorial about fixing  mixed content errors on Blogger/Blogspot blogs using HTTPS. When I recently updated my blog's template, the "Secure" badge that usually appears on the address bar was replaced by "Not secure". Below is how it looks on Google Chrome:

Mixed content error: Google Chrome

This blog's URL also looked like this on Mozilla Firefox:

The reason for this is that the new template came with some assets (images, scripts) that are uploaded somewhere non-secure or that is not on SSL/HTTPS. To fix it, we'll change the "behavior" of the URLs within the blog's HTML code. Instead of leaving some of the URLs in http, we will make changes to those URLs so that they also load in https, just like the blog itself. To begin, you'll need:

  • Patience
  • Patience
  • and more patience πŸ˜‚
Just kidding! On a serious note (you'll still need patience, of course),  please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Blogger account.
  2. Click the "Template" tab, and select "Edit HTML".
  3. Once in the editor, click in the HTML editor field and hit CTRL + F on your keyboard.
  4. Input http: into the search box and hit "Enter/Return".
  5. Remove all http: from the links and keep // with the rest of the URLs. See how it's done by watching the video below:

    (Switch to fullscreen and HD for a clearer view)

    Note: Only remove http: form actual URLs that you'll find. The template has other sets of code which you should not touch. Here's a sample:

  6. Once you have edited all the URLs in the template HTML editor, make sure to save it. It may take time before the changes take  effect (also consider the cached copy of your site in your browser so besure to clear the cache before checking again).
I hope you find this post helpful! 

Globe DSL Out, PLDT DSL In!

By On February 27, 2017

Yay! After so many years that I've been using the sucky Globe DSL, I'm finally switching over to PLDT. Although, initially, I was bummed about my application for the PLDT Home Fibr 50mbps being rejected. They told me to wait for the call from the installers but received an email a few weeks later, saying that they cannot process my application due to Fibr unavailability in our area.

Well, I couldn't really stand Globe's worsening service anymore, so what choice do I have? After all, we used to be with PLDT. It's just that in 2013, Globe's 3mbps plan (PhP 999) with 7GB data cap per day looked promising so we got it hooked up and ditched our 1mbps plan with PLDT. It worked mighty fine during the first six months. The rest was, as they say, history--it deserves to just stay in the past πŸ˜‚. 

As someone who used to work for  several telecommunications companies, I have a hunch that there's something "going on" on telcos' end (towers and DSLAMs being upgraded or something broke, speed throttling, etc). It could be intentional or something beyond their control (ppsshh!).

I was thinking our speed is being throttled on purpose, just so we'd go for a higher plan tier. Can't blame me if I think that way. You know how some companies could be "manipulative" just to get more profit. I ain't saying this is a fact. But these are mere speculations.

Well, anyway, I submitted by PLDT HOME DSL application via pldthome.com on February 25, 2017. I got a confirmation the following day, with an attached DSL subscriber certificate. I'm assuming this confirms that the service will be installed. Now the waiting game begins. Will be posting about how this turns out as soon as I get an update. Kitakits!

UPDATE: We decided to stick with Globe, and here's why: "Globe to PLDT Update, Browsing Privacy"

Vacay, Where Art Thou?

By On February 25, 2017

Last night, I rambled about not having any "me-time" for a long time now-fact. I've been feeling tired lately-another fact. I want a vacation-yes, still a fact. I'll go on vacation-fiction πŸ˜‚. Well, apparently, I think I would really need one right now as I'm down with a fever. I'm still working (I'm just at home) though. I'm finally logging off in a few minutes (Yay! Day-off, here I come!). But I guess, it's not the kind of vacation I have in mind. 

How I missed those days, when we could hop on our old jeep on a random weekend morning to spend the entire day basking in the sun and swimming to the waves on the beach (our place is only around a 2-hour drive to Dingalan, Aurora). That's what I've been thinking about (though I'm thinking of Casapsapan Beach in Aurora more, which is farther). It might have to go on the backseat for now. See, I don't have a lot of time to myself, let alone a time to go somewhere so I might have to just take a rest (it's my rest day any way).

Now, I'm getting too excited but I need to restrain myself so I'll just spend this day-off to the fullest (read:rest). But I'm still looking forward to that day when I can finally say I'm officially on vacay. Alright, time for bed! Buh bye!

Fri-yay! (NOT) - Pre-weekend Hullabaloo

By On February 24, 2017

Thank goodness! It's Friday (finally).. Err okay, who am I kidding? My work-week isn't over until tomorrow so, goodbye warm, fuzzy, book-night for now. Just thought you'd want to know how awesome this night would be for you (and boring for me #sadlife). Oh, well,  I just have a bunch of unread ebooks and I haven't really been spending more hours off-work. I really miss reading as I have been a work-from-home mom for a few years now.

It's awesome to be able to just hop-off the bed and start working without fussing over what to wear (one of the many perks of having an online job) for the day. But then, working from home means there's no "real" boundary between work and personal/family life. It's really just a "virtual" boundary. Haha. I ain't complaining. It's just that I've been longing for a quiet time for myself for quite a while now. I guess this is where my previous "drama" spawned from, albeit that's how things were.

Now, you might wonder how come I've been posting for the past few days, without palya. Those posts were actually on my drafts (I'm a hoarder) and it's only been this week that I was able to polish them up (except for the blog updates, of course). I usually edit drafts once I get off from work, then post them right away so I won't wait until I find another "timeslot" (the reason for some typos that you may have encountered on a few of my blog entries).

Okay, this is just another boring narrative. I just want to keep the fire burning even though I'm getting less and less time (again, not complaining--just tired, you know). Good night!

Autism and Bullying -- How Real Can It Get?

By On February 22, 2017
Childrem With Autism Get Bullied

As parents, we can't help but worry about our kids getting bullied. We all know that bullying is even more widespread these times and it's even more unimaginable if it happens to our own children, let alone to those who have autism. Bullying could happen to anyone and people with autism are not an exception. In fact, according to some studies, children with autism are more likely to be bullied, compared to typically developing peers. This makes it even more scary than just raising an autistic kid.

Now, why am I bothered? Who won't be? My son has autism and I've seen him get bullied right in front of me. I've come to believe that that could be one of the many reasons behind his not wanting to go to school anymore.

You see, he used to go to school. We enrolled him in a regular school (not a SpEd class, as advised by a specialist). We were told to send him to school, so he'd learn, of course, and to improve his social and communication skills through interaction within the class. I wasn't completely confident about this as I know that my son 1) is easily distracted by pencils and pieces of paper (he loves to draw!) 2) gets bored in a short span of time and could get fidgety 3) doesn't like being asked to repeat things he already said/done. 4) does not speak in vernacular (main language used in his school is Tagalog--he speaks in English).

I know for a fact that these "characteristics" are some of the things that we need to work out for our son to improve. However, these are also same reasons why his being different gets more noticed. And worse, he gets bullied. There was one time, I saw the most horrifying thing. I didn't know what happened before this (I'm about to pick him up from school). I got so angry as soon as I've seen my son lying on the floor, his hands on his ears, while one of his classmates repeatedly kicks his head. Just imagine that. But what can I do? It's just another kid in his class. I cannot just reprimand another person's child. I stared him down instead, until his gaze wavered.. Then I grabbed my son so we could go home.


Drawing materials is a staple in our household. We can't do without them as these are one of the things my son is fixated on. We encourage him to practice drawing, as it's one of his strengths. At the age of three, he can draw cars, the planet Saturn, and of course, his favorite back then, trains. An observation I had in his school, when I used to shadow (first week of classes), he'd tend to stand up a lot and go to the chalkboard and draw his favorite things. Some of the boys in class, would stand up and erase what he'd drawn on the board (which, I think, they'd do as they don't want "disturbance" in class). Or I could be wrong. It may sound so petty, but for me, this is plain bullying. Who says kids in nursery can't be bullies? I'd tell you there are other kids I know, who have not even reached four years of age and they'd show superiority over their peers who appear "weak" to them.

Anyone Can Be A Bully


Matt is easily bored, especially during classes. As most of you didn't know (I don't want to sound like I'm bragging though), he could count up to a hundred, back when he was only a year old. He knew his ABCs long before other kids could walk or speak. In school, he won't sit still. Mainly due to the reason that he already knew their lessons. As the mom who brought him to this world and who's with him every day of his life, I know.

He just can't sit still. He'd go to other classrooms, lie on his back on the floor, and identify all the planets in the Solar System painted on the ceiling. This is weird behavior, I know. With him being bored, he behaves in an unfamiliar manner, it makes him an easy target for anyone who just wants to make fun of anyone. I see this happen all the time. Not just in school, but at home, by his cousins. YES, cousins. They belong to typically developing crowd. Though they're too young to understand that my son is "different" (and perhaps you'd say I think of them in the wrong way), they find it really funny that it amuses them. For them, it's amusing to tease my son, scream in his face, and make fun of him (I don't really want this post to be a rant, but I'm only human, and that weird kid they're laughing at right there, is my own flesh and blood). Of course, my son does not understand why. It comes to a point when he can't stand the laughing and screaming in unison anymore. Again, to his face. It's just too much and becomes overwhelming that he'd be on meltdown afterwards. But I DO understand. It is quite hard. I can only do so much. 


Due to his inability to speak in vernacular, his classmates tend to veer away from him. They don't understand the way he speaks. He ended up not having any friends. I know what you're thinking. I don't blame you if you berate me for teaching my son to only speak in English. While we're 100% Filipino, you may think we were to blame for his predicament. Most people we meet/know do not have an idea that English is his first language, despite our attempts in teaching him our mother tongue. We didn't teach him the English language--just imagine how hard it is, raising an autistic kid, how much more difficult it could be to teach him about a different language? Go figure. It is easier for us, parents, to teach him with the language which we're most comfortable conversing in. I don't really know why. But we're trying. We want him to be able to communicate with other people, without them turning away from him, just because he doesn't speak the same way they do.

Now, I'm not really looking down upon those kids (you'd say "Gosh! They're kids!"). But I tend to think that either they feel more superior than my son or they're just being kids. I could be wrong. But you'd know what it's like and what really happens, if you see this firsthand.


My son is actually very responsive, that is, if he's not so focused on something else. He'll do whatever we ask him to do. You know, most of the time, teachers in pre-school may not hear or see everything their students do. If my son already answered, sometimes the teacher doesn't really hear due to noises around. Based on observation during first week of his classes before, other kids would scream at him if he doesn't do what their teacher asks him to do/say. Kids can be impatient, autisic or not. But I just feel so disheartened by what he has to go through everyday, just because he doesn't like to repeat something he already did. It's is not his fault that his teacher doesn't hear what he said. It's just the way he is. And the way he is, makes him a subject for bullying.

 I just wish he didn't have to go all through all of these. I'm thinking about the effect of bullying on "normal" kids. And it's just too much. It's too much that it hurts, even though those kids are not my own. I hurt for each one of them, for their parents, and for any individual who's struggling to win this battle. Think about how much more it would be for people with developmental disabilities.


These things I've shared may be happening to other kids like my son. Or what happens to others could be worse. I wouldn't know. As a parent, I don't want to be over-protective. I want my child to learn how to deal with these things which, I, as a child, managed and went through unscathed. However, he's a different kind of "normal". I still believe that with proper care and management, he'll get through. Of course, it wouldn't be possible without the help of other people surrounding him. And if you're wondering how things would go as he doesn't go to school, he would. next school year. We believe he's ready now and we're hoping that things would be better this time.

Blog Update: Template Changed, SSL Re-Set

By On February 19, 2017

Alright! Everything's back to normal now. I've changed to a new template I got. However, I noticed that, yesterday, when I changed, the green lock icon was not displaying but the blog's still loading on https. This was due to my logo being loaded, but the image was uploaded way before the SSL was applied. Thus, the image was not served over HTTPS. 

To get it fixed, I removed the old copy of the logo, uploaded a new one, and got the image link (which, by the way, is now on https) then uploaded it into the header. I'll be making a separate post on how to resolve the "Mixed Content" error when loading blogs on HTTPS. I'll be off to a party (yes, I have a social life too) in an hour or so so I may not post again today.

Okay, that's it for today! Till my next post, y'all!

Update: Here's the tutorial I promised to post Re: How To Fix "Mixed Content" Error in Blogger/Blogspot Blogs On HTTPS

Blog Update: Changing Templates (Again!)

By On February 18, 2017

Okay, it's a Saturday and I'll be off from work for a few hours, until I log back in again. I'll be spending those few hours off updating the blog. Please don't be weirded out if you see anything funny on this page (if you happen to visit today). 

The reason for updating? The images on the home page appear blurry when I have the current one (I tested it on a backup blog.) I looked for another one which would not interfere with how the images look. I found some and I'd be checking them out. I wish I wouldn't really have to but then I also spend time taking or creating those images so yeah,  I'd really have to do it. Will be updating again as soon as I've pushed the final touches.

Next time ulit!

Mind Rewind

By On February 17, 2017
This is going to be a "Flashback-Friday" post (I so hate saying itπŸ˜‚) It's the most apt description I can think of today (reading too much of it kind of rubs it off on me, you know).

Anyway, highway, I re-visited my blog's snapshots via WayBack Machine. I still cringe at the old posts I thought I deleted. And I can't help but think that I've grown a lot more than what I used to be as a blogger. At least, for me lol. I must admit, The old posts made me realize how I started so small and dreamed a bit bigger. Yeah, it's sort of what I used to want since college, back when broadband internet was merely a pipedream and the mobile age is still at the hands of Nokia. The earlier posts were still using the default Blogger template, Simple. Each snapshot, as I go towards the later versions, morphed into something much more complex (WordPress).

Just looking at those snapshots gives me fulfillment. It may seem like a small thing. But to  me, it's an achievement. I managed to learn all those sh*t on my own. From migrating to WordPress (and going back to Blogger), to fixing styling issues, and adding my own code to templates. Of course, thanks to what I've learned at work, and from my bestfriend, Google. As well as those other blogs where I got some "tricks" from (one of them is Helplogger). This online space wouldn't be as neat as it is today without you (I don't care if you don't care. This is my space, you're reading my stuff so just suck it up. Nah, just kidding).

There's actually so much more to tell. But you may take a long time to finish reading. Who knows? You might even stop right in the middle due to absolute boredom (yup, I've known that since forever). Now, before your heads hit your keyboard (or you mobile phone drops on your face), Imma stop right here. Arrivederci!

Matt's Artwork, Valentine's Day, And The Little Car That Could

By On February 14, 2017
Big Ben

Here's another one of the many drawings my son made (He just can't get enough of the Big Ben!) Most often, I see him just doodling but I always get surprised of the outcome. It still amazes me how he can draw and use different styles ie a bit like the real thing, cartoon-y, etc. For a kid like him, it is also surprising that he can do one point perspective drawing; I didn't learn this until we've had this class back in junior high. Okay, enough of that haha! I guess I'm just one mom who's so proud of her son with autism, achieving something that typically developing kids may achieve later in life. He may be "kulit" at times but still, he's my son and I love him to bits.

Now, if by any chance, you stumble upon my blog, I'd like to greet you a Happy Valentine's Day :) I hope you spend this special day with the people (and pets, too!) you love, in any way you want. Spend it as if it's your last. But it doesn't really have to be only on February 14th, once a year. We can do it any day, right? Right. Spread the love!

Okay I feel like this is going to be one lengthy post (don't say I didn't warn you) so if you have little time, you can come back later.

BUT if you'd really like to know what I'm up to these days (apart from blogging some boring stuff, and what-nots), by all means, read on.


VW Beetle (Brazil)

Alright, the kinks on the "before" image may not look much, except for that huge dent on the hood and some paint chipping. The initial stages of restoration was scraping and dismantling everything to bare metal. The paint was finally stripped. Lo and behold! It's as if we're looking at scrap metal, peppered with holes and rust almost on every spot. I won't upload all photos of the whole process (the images would take up a lot of space) as I my connection (Globe sucks!) may not "hold" (it's been really spotty these days).

We acquired this rust bucket (teehee) back in the middle of 2016. I bought it from my aunt who just got a new car at that time. We got it for very small price (just imagine, you can buy one of these for the price of an iPhone--even lower) and we're happy since it's been used as a daily driver.

It stayed in a local "talyer" for about three weeks for mechanical repairs (drum brakes, clutch disc, etc) before we brought it in for body metal works and paint job. The metal repair and paint job were all finalized in the second week of February 2017 and we're just waiting for the wiring to be finished. My husband took care of overseeing the whole process everyday while I and my son get to visit during Sundays.

Boy, the headache (and bank account hemorrhage πŸ˜€) this has brought. But look at it now. To some it may just be another old car that's repainted. But to us, this bug is a new member of the family. We'll ride to places we've never been to and revisit other places that we've been fond of with this small car that could.

🍷 to another good and fruitful year (a very late new year greeting πŸ˜‚)! Again, happy Valentine's day to you all, my friends.

It Doesn't Work That Way -- Things Not To Say To Parents Of Kids With Autism

By On February 10, 2017
Alright, I get it. I know it's hard to not know what to say (or how to react) when I say my son has autism. Not your fault and I know you don't mean any harm. But I guess you could be a little bit more cautious blurting things out, rather than looking dumbfounded after saying something you shouldn't have in the first place. If you haven't got any clue, here are some of the comments we get, as parents of a child with autism, which we'd appreciate more if you don't say them at all :). I added a bit of information, too, so you'd understand why:


Autism can be managed. Being born with it means we can manage and teach the kid to "behave" otherwise. But he would still have "spells", because he was born with those. He may learn how to control his stimming (here's a video of how it looks like: Stimming) , shaking his head, looking sideways, and whatever. But outgrow these quirks? No, it doesn't work like that. 

There would be cases where the diagnoses were incorrect, or it's just that the diagnoses were replaced with a new one. It may only look like some children may have outgrown it but the autism doesn't really go away. Here's an explanation about it from TheHuffPost.


Just because you know that someone else's kid's autism "miraculously" disappeared by following a certain program, it doesn't mean that it will do wonders for our child, and for everyone else. It doesn't work that way. Autistic children fall under different levels (that's why it's called ASD--Autism Spectrum Disorder). Some kids may be high-functioning, with impairment in social and communication skills, some other would not talk, nor look at your face at all when you talk to them. A program that may have worked for high-functioning autism, will not work on low-functioning autism. I mean, they are already different. And among these "different" children, they are also different from each other. No two persons are alike (in looks, preferences, etc), even identical twins.


Because he is. He's like any other kid. Autism is a "different" kind of normal. You see, according to Google search, normal means "conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.". What's that "standard" that you think my son needs to conform to? All I know is that he's a child, like your child, his, her child and everyone else's child.

Again. let me point out how different types of  ASD could show in different individuals. There's high functioning (which, I assume, by now, you know that my son falls on this category), there's low functioning, and the rest in between. Some signs may be identical in two different persons, but no two persons could have the same exact manifestations, with the same level of intensity.


Like the first point I raised, this is almost the same thing. Books and other resources help open "eyes" about various characteristics, as well giving tips on handling. They give general ideas but don't necessarily target specific needs per individual. Plus, when I and my husband learned about our son's condition, we tried to read up as much as we can, so yeah. Thanks, but no, thanks. We might have read way more than you did. We've also consulted several specialists and it would be an insult to their years of studying this field and experience if a book can "replace" them.


This would probably be the most annoying thing that an autism parent has to hear. While an outburst may look like " temper tantrums " to you, to us parents or carers it is "meltdowns". One has to understand the difference to know which of the two you are witnessing. For the kids without autism, they throw temper tantrums  due to frustrations out of things they were unable to achieve ie cannot get the toy they want, don't like to obey what they've been told, etc. Meltdowns, on the other hand, are due to sensory overload; there's information/sensation that's too much for individual to handle. It may look like a tantrum as there would be crying, yelling, etc.  But it's different.

Please keep in mind that kids with autism do not throw temper tantrums; they are easily overwhelmed and they tend to go on meltdown when it happens. It's not because they lack discipline. It's the way their feelings/minds work to cope with the overwhelming situations they are in.

With that being said, I'd like you to understand that having a child with autism is already a challenge. Please cut us some slack and help us make things a bit easier.

"I'M SORRY..."

Don't be, because,as his parents, we're not. It's not anybody's fault that he has autism. The least that we need is pity. Having a unique kid isn't something to be sorry about. It may look like it's a sorry situation to you, but we're doing all that we can to make the best out of everything we have on our plate. It is difficult but we're happy with what we do and the joy that our son brings, so, again, no thanks. We don't really want those apologetic looks, as if it's the end of the world for us. It doesn't really work that way.


We've heard a lot and I know other autism-oriented blogs out there has voiced them out. Children with autism, together with their parents/carers, are also people. We have feelings, just like everyone else. We get hurt, we get offended. Just like you, when someone says you're fat, or when someone says you're too thin. Different words but same effect, right?

How To Enable HTTPS For Your Blogger/Blogspot Blog

By On February 04, 2017
If you'd notice, my blog loads on https (with the green lock icon in the address bar). I have recently implemented that when I re-launched this blog. This is due to Google's announcement in August 2014 that HTTPS will be recognized as a ranking signal. Okay, I said I'd like to help Google so this is another way of helping out: making the internet safer. But, more importantly, what I really want is to make my site more "appealing" to Google Search's "eyes" (better search engine ranking).

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS (HTTP over TLS, HTTP over SSL, and HTTP Secure) is a protocol which ensures that any information a site visitor sends to a webpage (ie a form, sign-in, etc) is encrypted/secured, so no one could "eavesdrop" and know what those information are. 

If you have a contact form on your site, or you have a  online storefront, you don't want just about anyone "listening" to and capturing what your site visitors/buyers are sending over, right? This is where HTTPS (or HTTP over Transfer Layer Security)  comes in.

Why do I think you need it? Just think of the situation like this:

HTTP: You and a very close friend are talking about some seriously confidential stuff while inside a locked room. But somehow, a chismosa (a gossip monger) was right outside the door, listening to whatever you've been talking about. The locked door didn't prevent her from listening, right? This happens in the case of HTTP. There's nothing that could protect confidential information, even a locked door.

HTTPS:  You and your friend are discussing highly classified information and you're inside a sound-proofed room. Also, there's another feature of the room which makes everything you say sound all gobbledygook, so anything you and your friend say is unintelligible. That's what secure is, right? This is how HTTPS works.

But I don't sell or collect anything on my blog. What's this all about then?

If you are a blogger who's been using Blogger/Blogspot (from Google) and concerned about Google's announcement about HTTPS being a ranking signal affecting your blog's search engine ranking, this might just be the solution you need.

While there is a built-in HTTPS feature (in Settings>Basic), it only works for blogs using the blogspot.com addresses. If you're using a custom domain name on your blog, but would like to implement HTTPS/SSL, I'll show you how it is done. First off, for the benefit of those who are not using HTTPS yet for their Blogger/Blogspot blogs, you can turn SSL on by following these steps:

HTTPS on Blogger

  1. Log in to your Blogger account and go to Settings>Basic on the sidebar panel.
  2. Scroll to the "HTTPS (HTTPS Redirect)" section, click the drop-down, and select "Yes".

Now that you have enabled the HTTPS option, your blog address ie http://example.blogspot.com will be served on browsers in https ie https://example.blogspot.com.

For Blogger blogs using custom domains, follow these steps:

What you need:
  • Your domain registrar's DNS panel
  • CloudFlare account
Warning: Use this at your own risk!

Steps: Adding Your Domain to CloudFlare

1. Login to your CloudFlare account and add your domain to it.
Point domain to CloudFlare DNS

2. Wait for the scan to complete and click "Continue Setup".

3. The DNS records that you have previously set up in your domain registrar panel would be "imported" over to CloudFlare.

4. Make sure that the DNS records that connect your domain to your blog are activated via CloudFlare's CDN (Content Delivery Network) -- read: orange cloud. Click the cloud to turn the CDN on. In my domain's case, I only have the "www" CNAME pointing to Google's server for Blogger, and the root is using the registrar''s default IP.

Activate domain on CloudFlare CDN (Orange cloud)

Note: The cloud/CDN needs to be enabled so the traffic would pass through CloudFlare's servers, and the SSL to be applied.

5. On the next screen, tick the "Free Website" radio button and hit "Continue". --

While on a self-hosted blog such as WordPress sites, it requires the website owner to purchase, sign, and upload the SSL certificate into the hosting provider's servers; this functionality is not available with Blogger so we're using the free SSL solution from CloudFlare which does not require signing and uploading to servers.

6. Copy the nameservers provided by CloudFlare and change your domain's current nameservers to CloudFlare's. Note: Please be cautious about changing nameservers; if you have custom domain emails, the emails may stop working until the new nameservers are fully set up.

7.  Expect a delay (around a few minutes up to several hours) before the domain becomes active in CloudFlare. Now that the domain's added to CloudFlare, we'll need to edit some settings in there to see that secure badge for your blog. See the following steps:

Activating SSL in CloudFlare

1. Head on to the "Crypto" menu and select "Flexible".

2. Go to the "Page Rules" at the top menu, then click the "Create Page Rule" button.  A dialog box will come up, where you'll set the rule up. In the URL field, type in your domain in this form: http://www.yourdomain.com/*.

On the "Pick a setting" drop-down menu, select "Always Use HTTPS". Then click the "Save and Deploy" button.

3. Awesome! You're all set. All you need to do now is wait for the new settings to fully take effect (could last up to 48 hours). During this period, you may experience security errors when you try to access your blog using https as the SSL and DNS setting are saving in multiple locations across the globe (WTH am I saying? hahaha). Just, wait and be patient.

*Clearing your browser's cache and cookies could also do the trick. Good luck and cheers to a secure   (and hopefully, high-ranking) blog!

Note: I tried this on Tumblr (yeah, like it's not enough having just one blog), but it looks like Tumblr has it's own CDN so it conflicts with that of CloudFlare's. Thus, error messages show up and CloudFlare SSL doen't work at all.

Send in any feedback about the setup if you have any!

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