Blog Update: Template Changed, SSL Re-Set

Alright! Everything’s back to normal now. I’ve changed to a new template I got. However, I noticed that, yesterday, when I changed, the green lock icon was not displaying but the blog’s still loading on https. This was due to my logo being loaded, but the image was uploaded way before the SSL was applied. Thus, the image was not served over HTTPS. 
To get it fixed, I removed the old copy of the logo, uploaded a new one, and got the image link (which, by the way, is now on https) then uploaded it into the header. I’ll be making a separate post on how to resolve the “Mixed Content” error when loading blogs on HTTPS. I’ll be off to a party (yes, I have a social life too) in an hour or so so I may not post again today.
Okay, that’s it for today! Till my next post, y’all!

Update: Here’s the tutorial I promised to post Re: How To Fix “Mixed Content” Error in Blogger/Blogspot Blogs On HTTPS

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