Fri-yay! (NOT) – Pre-weekend Hullabaloo

Thank goodness! It’s Friday (finally).. Err okay, who am I kidding? My work-week isn’t over until tomorrow so, goodbye warm, fuzzy, book-night for now. Just thought you’d want to know how awesome this night would be for you (and boring for me #sadlife). Oh, well,  I just have a bunch of unread ebooks and I haven’t really been spending more hours off-work. I really miss reading as I have been a work-from-home mom for a few years now.
It’s awesome to be able to just hop-off the bed and start working without fussing over what to wear (one of the many perks of having an online job) for the day. But then, working from home means there’s no “real” boundary between work and personal/family life. It’s really just a “virtual” boundary. Haha. I ain’t complaining. It’s just that I’ve been longing for a quiet time for myself for quite a while now. I guess this is where my previous “drama” spawned from, albeit that’s how things were.
Now, you might wonder how come I’ve been posting for the past few days, without palya. Those posts were actually on my drafts (I’m a hoarder) and it’s only been this week that I was able to polish them up (except for the blog updates, of course). I usually edit drafts once I get off from work, then post them right away so I won’t wait until I find another “timeslot” (the reason for some typos that you may have encountered on a few of my blog entries).
Okay, this is just another boring narrative. I just want to keep the fire burning even though I’m getting less and less time (again, not complaining–just tired, you know). Good night!