Globe DSL Out, PLDT DSL In!

Yay! After so many years that I’ve been using the sucky Globe DSL, I’m finally switching over to PLDT. Although, initially, I was bummed about my application for the PLDT Home Fibr 50mbps being rejected. They told me to wait for the call from the installers but received an email a few weeks later, saying that they cannot process my application due to Fibr unavailability in our area.
Well, I couldn’t really stand Globe’s worsening service anymore, so what choice do I have? After all, we used to be with PLDT. It’s just that in 2013, Globe’s 3mbps plan (PhP 999) with 7GB data cap per day looked promising so we got it hooked up and ditched our 1mbps plan with PLDT. It worked mighty fine during the first six months. The rest was, as they say, history–it deserves to just stay in the past 😂. 
As someone who used to work for  several telecommunications companies, I have a hunch that there’s something “going on” on telcos’ end (towers and DSLAMs being upgraded or something broke, speed throttling, etc). It could be intentional or something beyond their control (ppsshh!).
I was thinking our speed is being throttled on purpose, just so we’d go for a higher plan tier. Can’t blame me if I think that way. You know how some companies could be “manipulative” just to get more profit. I ain’t saying this is a fact. But these are mere speculations.
Well, anyway, I submitted by PLDT HOME DSL application via pldthome.com on February 25, 2017. I got a confirmation the following day, with an attached DSL subscriber certificate. I’m assuming this confirms that the service will be installed. Now the waiting game begins. Will be posting about how this turns out as soon as I get an update. Kitakits!
UPDATE: We decided to stick with Globe, and here’s why: “Globe to PLDT Update, Browsing Privacy