Mind Rewind

This is going to be a “Flashback-Friday” post (I so hate saying it😂) It’s the most apt description I can think of today (reading too much of it kind of rubs it off on me, you know).
Anyway, highway, I re-visited my blog’s snapshots via WayBack Machine. I still cringe at the old posts I thought I deleted. And I can’t help but think that I’ve grown a lot more than what I used to be as a blogger. At least, for me lol. I must admit, The old posts made me realize how I started so small and dreamed a bit bigger. Yeah, it’s sort of what I used to want since college, back when broadband internet was merely a pipedream and the mobile age is still at the hands of Nokia. The earlier posts were still using the default Blogger template, Simple. Each snapshot, as I go towards the later versions, morphed into something much more complex (WordPress).
Just looking at those snapshots gives me fulfillment. It may seem like a small thing. But to  me, it’s an achievement. I managed to learn all those sh*t on my own. From migrating to WordPress (and going back to Blogger), to fixing styling issues, and adding my own code to templates. Of course, thanks to what I’ve learned at work, and from my bestfriend, Google. As well as those other blogs where I got some “tricks” from (one of them is Helplogger). This online space wouldn’t be as neat as it is today without you (I don’t care if you don’t care. This is my space, you’re reading my stuff so just suck it up. Nah, just kidding).

There’s actually so much more to tell. But you may take a long time to finish reading. Who knows? You might even stop right in the middle due to absolute boredom (yup, I’ve known that since forever). Now, before your heads hit your keyboard (or you mobile phone drops on your face), Imma stop right here. Arrivederci!