PhilHealth Will Introduce Benefit Packages For Children With Disabilities

This is good news! I just saw a Facebook post about a news release from PhilHealth about the introduction of benefit packages, specifically for children with disabilities.
Now that’s what I’m talking about! Pagbigyan, masyado lang natutuwa 😁. It’s about time our government agencies make things like these happen. I know there are a lot going on in our nation. But among  the fiasco that’s happening to our Motherland, there are good things happening and there are even more to look forward to.
You see, here in the Philippines, parents who don’t have enough financial means to support their kids with disabilities just accept the way things are. And it’s really hard for them to see their kids not getting proper management, not being able to live a normal life. 
I know that we are a third-world country and this effort from PhilHealth seem like a baby-step. But at least something is in the pipeline. This is better than just hoping that kids with disabilities get the same support as that with children in other countries such as the US. 
I’m really really excited about this and I know many other parents who knew will feel the same way. It may be small, but the future is looking brighter than ever.