Vacay, Where Art Thou?

Last night, I rambled about not having any “me-time” for a long time now-fact. I’ve been feeling tired lately-another fact. I want a vacation-yes, still a fact. I’ll go on vacation-fiction 😂. Well, apparently, I think I would really need one right now as I’m down with a fever. I’m still working (I’m just at home) though. I’m finally logging off in a few minutes (Yay! Day-off, here I come!). But I guess, it’s not the kind of vacation I have in mind. 
How I missed those days, when we could hop on our old jeep on a random weekend morning to spend the entire day basking in the sun and swimming to the waves on the beach (our place is only around a 2-hour drive to Dingalan, Aurora). That’s what I’ve been thinking about (though I’m thinking of Casapsapan Beach in Aurora more, which is farther). It might have to go on the backseat for now. See, I don’t have a lot of time to myself, let alone a time to go somewhere so I might have to just take a rest (it’s my rest day any way).
Now, I’m getting too excited but I need to restrain myself so I’ll just spend this day-off to the fullest (read:rest). But I’m still looking forward to that day when I can finally say I’m officially on vacay. Alright, time for bed! Buh bye!