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Globe DSL 1299 10 mbps Plan Review

I haven't posted in a while as I'd like to give some time for the connection to "improve" after upgrading to the new Globe DSL 10 mbps plan 1299. But it looks like there really is something wrong with Globe's DSL connection. Everyday, I'm monitoring the connection via the modem's web GUI ( The connection is so bad that the modem goes offline (no "internet" light, flickering ADSL LED, and "no sync" in the web GUI) every few minutes. The Upload and Download speed changes from 10 mbps to as low as 1 mbps. Seriously. Here's a screenshot of the "downgraded" speed:

Based on my "research", I found that the modem's connection could be "transferred" to a different modem, without actually having to move the entire line and equipment. A working DSL line, modem, and the email set up in the modem ie, with the subscriber account number are what anyone needs to get conn…

Changing To The New Blogger Default Template/s

Yas! I'm just excited to see some brand spankin' new templates released by Blogger and I can't wait to try them on. If you'd remember, I just made some changes to this blog's template but I saw the cool templates a while back, so, yeah. I'm switching it again. Anyway, I'm still going to test them out. Just a little info, though, there are four new templates: Contempo, Soho, Emporio, and Notable. I'm going to try them out for now on my test blog though. Might take a while though as they all look so clean. Alright, bye for now!

On Lazada Delivery Issues and Email Customer Support

In November of the year 2015, I posted about my great experience with shopping for a Lenovo laptop in Lazada. Everything went through without any hassles so I gave it to Lazada at that time. However, there were some major changes that made it all disappointing. 
Just to give it a little more context, Lazada is an online shopping portal where anyone can buy almost all kinds of stuff you can think of. It's considered as the " of Southeast Asia" and that means that it's kind of a huge company, having covered Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Now, like I said, it's a huge company. With that fact, and being an employee of an online company, I know that such growth means there are things or processes that are often "sacrificed" with the hopes of "improving". From an employee's standpoint, "overhauling" (or upgrading) how the entire system works would bring about a lot of adjustments and poin…

Thinking of Camping

Summer's officially here! And I still don't have any plans yet how I'd spend it (mmm, I work, so..). Okay, last time, I was thinking about going to the beach. But then, I thought "Scratch that! I want to do something new." We've been doing that many summers ago, and I'd like to try something else that I haven't really done yet in my entire adult life. We've had "camping" back in grade school (Girl Scout, yah), and I really can't call it "camping" as we've spent the entire day and night at school (it sucks, actually).

What I'd really want to do during summer would be to travel outside Luzon (hahaha, I'm Filipino and I'm quite confined in the island where I was born and where I grew up). You know, I'm more of a potato, and most of the time I'd want to just stay at home and do nothing. But it gets old, and it could get tiring as well so I really have to go somewhere else and do some new stuff.

I'm …

Globe DSL 1299 Installation

Just an update to my previous post about changing ISPs (Globe to PLDT)! Anyway, Globe, apparently, is going beyond what's expected of them. Or maybe they'd like to do it fast before I change my mind hahaha!
During the call about the loyalty reward, the rep who contacted us said that the upgrade of our plan will be processed in the next three to five business days. The installation would be in seven days after the upgrade was processed. Guess what? It's only been three business days (we received a call yesterday about installation confirmation) and new plan (with landline) will be installed. We currently have the internet-only plan which comes with 3mbps speed, and a 7GB/per day volume data. The current internet plan came with a single LAN port ADSL modem/wifi router and this would be replaced with a newer one. 
Ayan, so mabilis ang Globe. Sorry ka na lang PLDT 😂. I need an upgrade fast and I don't care now whichever ISP gives it to us. They're pretty much the sam…

Blog Update - Re-publishing "Old" Posts

Okay, you might have noticed that my total posts have suddenly increased. Most of those were the old ones I had way back. I tweaked them a bit before re-publishing (some of them have broken images). The broken images have now been replaced--I managed to get them from somewhere (don't ask 😁) so they're all up again. So yan, nag-update pa din ako, di ba?
Still trying to retrieve images for the other posts ie herb gardening but in case I can't manage that, I'd just post a new one or just take some new photos (I'm leaning more to creating new posts though). Alright. That's it! I'll have to stop right here and I'd be back (again) when there's some new stuff for you.

Globe To PLDT Update, Browsing Privacy

Hey, everyone! I am here again (I really just have to post this while it's fresh in my mind) to let you know about what transpired yesterday. Warning though: This is going to be a looong post.
A few days ago, I posted about my plans on switching over from Globe DSL to PLDT DSL. This is due to the connection getting worse (7gb volume data allocation per day being maxed out, and plainly crappy connection)--which, by the way,  I think is somehow done on purpose (just an opinion/observation). While I was having a nap just yesterday afternoon, my husband received a call from a Globe representative from their Loyalty Department. He informed us that we're in for some "treats" as rewards for being "loyal" customers 😂.
However, I find that the timing was really uncanny as here comes one dude letting us know about some "rewards" which, apparently, we're eligible for, only a few days after I declared through my post that I've had enough of the sh*t…

Taking A Short Break!

For starters, I promised to myself that I'd be more active on blogging, compared to how I did a few years ago. However, my current momentum for posting at least once a day may have to take a backseat for now. Yup! I'm doing a lot of stuff at work and I might just have to do with one post a week. Okay, no. Make that two or three (hahaha). Seriously, I'll have to limit it for about three posts maximum. I've got a lot of pending tasks and I don't want to drown in them so, yeah, I'd have to slow down a bit.
It's going to be a really short break (really!). I'd be back so soon that you wouldn't really notice that I was gone (I'm not like holding a rockstar/celebrity badge so I'm sure you won't really miss me) for a bit. Anyway, I'd be back with some more useful stuff and less of my nonsensical ramblings (like the one you're reading now). I'll also need some time to take a rest before rolling up my sleeves and start crushing the be…

Summer Love

Dear Summer,
I know it's that time of the year again, when you come into our lives. You make us feel the intensity of your love by warming us up, even the tiniest weed on the ground. Your love is so intense, it kills those poor little things that sprouted everywhere.. But still, everyone loves you and the joy you bring.
You see, you wake us up from our sleep, make us come out and bask under your warm rays. You prompt us to go looking for adventures out there on the seas. Your effect on us is so strong that we sometimes have to stop and look for ways how to shield ourselves from your embrace.
We can't stop you from coming every year. It's your time and we know you spend every single minute to its fullest. We get it. We know the world is ever changing, so is your warmth. And we can't blame you for that. Our kind has been doing despicable things to Mother Earth and you're just reciprocating with a different kind of love.
I know I can't tell you what to do. You wo…