Globe DSL 1299 Installation

Just an update to my previous post about changing ISPs (Globe to PLDT)! Anyway, Globe, apparently, is going beyond what’s expected of them. Or maybe they’d like to do it fast before I change my mind hahaha!
During the call about the loyalty reward, the rep who contacted us said that the upgrade of our plan will be processed in the next three to five business days. The installation would be in seven days after the upgrade was processed. Guess what? It’s only been three business days (we received a call yesterday about installation confirmation) and new plan (with landline) will be installed. We currently have the internet-only plan which comes with 3mbps speed, and a 7GB/per day volume data. The current internet plan came with a single LAN port ADSL modem/wifi router and this would be replaced with a newer one. 
Ayan, so mabilis ang Globe. Sorry ka na lang PLDT 😂. I need an upgrade fast and I don’t care now whichever ISP gives it to us. They’re pretty much the same, so I’m expecting the team who’ll take care of the installation at around 10:00AM today. I’d be updating this post once everything is in place. Okay, mamaya na ulit!

Update 1 (March 7, 2017 2:23PM):

The plan has now been upgraded, with a landline phone. At this time, the speed is just set to 5mbps but we were advised that the 10mbps download speed will be on tomorrow. Yay! We’ll see about it tomorrow then.

Update 2 (March 7, 2017 5:27PM):

Brownout kanina! Well, power has now been restored, and download speed is now fully upgraded. Didn’t even have to wait 24 hours for the new plan to take effect 🙌. BUT, we have yet to find out how this upgrade will work so I’ll be updating this post for any observation.

Update 3 (March 9, 2017 8:17AM)

After almost 48 hours of test driving the new Globe DSL 10mbps 1299 plan, I’ve had several observations:

  • The connection’s not as “stable” as the old 3mbps plan. — connection goes off for a few minutes, then goes back up, at least once every hour. I’ll call the hotline later to complain about this.
  • Connection gets worse around 6PM until 11:30PM. My suspicion is that there are a lot of users online during those hours.
  • Upload  is good though. Even if I’m uploading something, like an image which is about 3MB, the connection doesn’ get choked. Unlike on our old Globe DSL plan, if I upload even just a photo which is 2MB, I couldn’t browse any webpage.
  • Home phone lets me call Globe and TM numbers without any trouble. I’m still checking for someone who I can call through a landline number who’s within the same area code as me.