Summer Love

Dear Summer,
I know it’s that time of the year again, when you come into our lives. You make us feel the intensity of your love by warming us up, even the tiniest weed on the ground. Your love is so intense, it kills those poor little things that sprouted everywhere.. But still, everyone loves you and the joy you bring.
You see, you wake us up from our sleep, make us come out and bask under your warm rays. You prompt us to go looking for adventures out there on the seas. Your effect on us is so strong that we sometimes have to stop and look for ways how to shield ourselves from your embrace.
We can’t stop you from coming every year. It’s your time and we know you spend every single minute to its fullest. We get it. We know the world is ever changing, so is your warmth. And we can’t blame you for that. Our kind has been doing despicable things to Mother Earth and you’re just reciprocating with a different kind of love.
I know I can’t tell you what to do. You won’t understand. You have a different brand of caress that blankets a huge span of humanity. Everyone, who’s given the privilege to feel you, knows. Please don’t be so intense. It hurts.. But we still love you. Just give us some time to gather ourselves. Let us do what we have to do so you won’t go to the extremes. 
I can’t promise you, though, that we’ll do everything. Many are still so full of themselves, that they don’t care what happens to you and to us alike. But, you know what? I think I’m just going to stay put, and let you do your thing. I may not understand why you’re getting warmer and warmer every year, but I am, we are lucky you’re on when its your time to come to us.
Thanks for the warmth! You are the very reason behind family gatherings on the beach. You are what the youth look forward to during their vacation. You give life to young adults’ parties. You are so warm that you cause the spur of creativity to make everything cool until it’s time for you to leave us again.
I hope that when you leave, some of us would realize that you are a part of our lives, no matter what. And that you can only make your  presence felt, in your own special way. But please, if you understand what I’m telling you now, I hope that you can tone your presence down, even a tiny bit. It might be too much to ask, but I thought I’d try. I hope, that when you arrive again next year, what you’ll bring isn’t too much.
Let’s make this time worthwhile! 
Until then,