Taking A Short Break!

Temporarily Closed

For starters, I promised to myself that I’d be more active on blogging, compared to how I did a few years ago. However, my current momentum for posting at least once a day may have to take a backseat for now. Yup! I’m doing a lot of stuff at work and I might just have to do with one post a week. Okay, no. Make that two or three (hahaha). Seriously, I’ll have to limit it for about three posts maximum. I’ve got a lot of pending tasks and I don’t want to drown in them so, yeah, I’d have to slow down a bit.

It’s going to be a really short break (really!). I’d be back so soon that you wouldn’t really notice that I was gone (I’m not like holding a rockstar/celebrity badge so I’m sure you won’t really miss me) for a bit. Anyway, I’d be back with some more useful stuff and less of my nonsensical ramblings (like the one you’re reading now). I’ll also need some time to take a rest before rolling up my sleeves and start crushing the beast (a giant mountain of tasks 😅).Buh bye for now and I’ll see you next time (week, or whenever)!