Thinking of Camping

Camp fire
Summer’s officially here! And I still don’t have any plans yet how I’d spend it (mmm, I work, so..). Okay, last time, I was thinking about going to the beach. But then, I thought “Scratch that! I want to do something new.” We’ve been doing that many summers ago, and I’d like to try something else that I haven’t really done yet in my entire adult life. We’ve had “camping” back in grade school (Girl Scout, yah), and I really can’t call it “camping” as we’ve spent the entire day and night at school (it sucks, actually).

What I’d really want to do during summer would be to travel outside Luzon (hahaha, I’m Filipino and I’m quite confined in the island where I was born and where I grew up). You know, I’m more of a potato, and most of the time I’d want to just stay at home and do nothing. But it gets old, and it could get tiring as well so I really have to go somewhere else and do some new stuff.

I’m also thinking about getting serious about photography (yup, I love taking pictures, albeit just using my mobile phone). I don’t really want to start with big-ass DSLR cameras so I’m looking at different options for mirrorless cameras (Sony, Panasonic, Olympus are in my list). Can you help me decide? I really am not knowledgeable enough to know which would work for me. But let’s start with me being a beginner. Like teaching a pre-schooler with mathematics 😄

But seriously, I wanted to get my own mirrorless camera for several reasons; I’d like to take my own pictures instead just creating them using Canva (yup, that’s what I use for my images here). I also want to start learning more about photography, not because nakikiuso ako, but I just want to learn something new and put it to good use. And camping is one of them uses 😁.