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Non-fancy-holiday Kind of Saturday

By On April 16, 2017
The Holy Week this year is officially over and my Facebook newsfeed is filled to the brim with beach holiday photos. Isa ako sa mga nanonood na lang haha. Anyway, that's actually one of my many confusions at this point.

Back in the day, when I used to wear high-waist shortpants and sando (with the 2-inch bangs), we spend this time of the year (was born/baptized Catholic, but not active anymore) at home. Yes, at home, where we're not even allowed to play outside, especially on Good Fridays (another thing I didn't quite get a good grasp of). 

Honestly, I have ceased (or started to be inactive) to participate in any religious activity since I was thirteen. Long story. Pero naiintindihan ko pa din naman ang konsepto ng "pangingilin"--which explains why most businesses are closed during Holy Week. The Holy Week I knew is a time to reflect, and abstain from any other activities done on regular days. There's the Visita Iglesia, Pabása, Penitensya and all other tradition that Catholic Filipinos have been practicing through the years. 

Okay, call me KJ (kill-joy haha), or maybe "old" for this "social media generation". But I don't get why some people would actually "celebrate and have fun" (out-of-town vacay) when this particular time of the year is not intended for that. Well, in a way, yes as going to the beach or just a small river is only done on Easter Sunday. I know, you'd say it's their prerogative, their time and money they are spending so I don't have any say on whatever they want to do with their lives. Touché. 

Like I said, I just don't get it. How times have changed. Just consider this post--me asking "why?". I'm not generalizing or anything. I know a few people who still pratice the "old ways". It's just that these "old ways" are now being replaced with something new.

I definitely don't live in under a rock. I'm actually much more aware than ever, having been on social media since Friendster days. I get to see and observe more closely. While it is good to see that the Philippines is evolving fast, it's not bad to still see that old traditions are not completely obliterated. Our nation is generally Catholic, but there are also other religions. I understand that not all Filipino people follow these traditions. But it's still good to see these traditions still being practiced as these things are part of our culture.

In case you ask what I did this week, I just had the regular stuff; I worked (online job), but didn't go elsewhere (though my husband's family is not Catholic--and we live with them). Even if we followed the trend (beachin'), it's inconvenient as the beaches were packed for sure.

How 'bout you? What did you do during Holy Week?

World Famous Snacks Salted Egg Chips

By On April 16, 2017
I didn't really quite get that time what's so special about it. Based on what I've read on various articles online, this snack originated from Singapore.  In my current job, I get to see different kinds of websites and that's where I first laid my eyes on salted-egg chips snack. The savory goodie was and I believe, still being sold by a Singapore-based startup (the name and URL, I forgot, sorry -.-). It became all the rage here in the Philippines last year (2016). There are various sellers, mostly Manila-based and have Facebook pages where orders can be placed.  But I checked and none of them accept PayPal payments. Then came World Famous Snacks (which I found on Facebook). Enter, Sandman lol.

Salted-egg chips in Davao, Philippines
It might be premature to say this as I haven't tried any other salted-egg chips from other sellers yet, but THIS IS THE BEST! Honestly. The Indian leaves added to its appeal, eliminating the "umay" you'll usually get from savory food like this. Quite minty, if you'll ask me. You might think it's weird if there's hint of mint, but I guarantee, it doesn't taste weird at all.

The packaging, though most of the other brands have the same type, is good and is re-sealable. Although it could use a little re-work on the label/logo. But everything's good. The label doesn't make the product less in  quality.

This 100g pack up here, costs PhP 200, and I bought five bags of the regular Golden Salted Egg chips, and three bags of Dragon Flavored (spicy) chips. I placed the order on April 4th. Then, of course they prepared my orders which was not shipped until April 7. I received it on the 10th of April (fast delivery!). It's really great that though the chips were shipped from Davao (yes, Davao City, where our President hails from--let's support locally made products!), I got it earlier than expected.

World Famous Snacks Salted Egg Chips

Just look at those nice golden crisps. Aren't they lovely? By the way, the bag is almost empty when I took this shot. I'd have to agree with Word Famous Snacks when they say that their salted egg chips are not greasy. Because these chips are really not greasy. The salted egg flavor is rich and it isn't THAT salty, which is a plus for moi.

As for the Dragon SE chips, they're my personal favorite. It's spicy, but it doesn't get too spicy. My husband and everyone here at home prefers the original salted-egg flavor though. IDK. I guess they like savoring the creaminess of the salted egg, sans the spicy flavor. I'll have to add more of the it when I order next time. Yes, I'll probably buy more :)

If you're interested, you may visit them at their Facebook page: World Famous Snacks. You can send a private message or call/SMS through 0917 623 7379.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Product is paid for by yours truly. All text and image content are mine.

New Blogger Template (Emporio)!

By On April 05, 2017
Hey all! Okay, I completely forgot to update y'all about the new template this blog is now "wearing"😂. Anyway, a few days after March 20, 2017, I found that Blogger released a set of new templates (four templates), namely Contempo, Soho, Emporio, and Notable. You can see the information about these in the Official Blogger Blog.

I tried them all out and the most fitting one (at least for my taste) is Emporio. It's not too fancy and it's very sleek. I just made some customizations further using the Theme Designer to match my preferences. Although it took me quite a while to get what I wanted as in the Layouts, there were two sets of sidebar panel, one for the homepage, one for the single post page. I found that I can set two different looks (or set different elements) on the each sidebar. Another thing that bummed me out was the search bar. As much as I wanted to add one, I refrained from doing so as it somehow causes the SSL (https) to stop woking/causes the site to appear not secure. Tried several times to "tweak" it to make it work with HTTPS but I rest my case. Hahahah. I might just have to stop for now.

Anyway, I must say that, with these new templates, Google made sure that the current users of this blogging platform can put up a blog that could rival WordPress blogs, at least when it comes to looks. Also, I like the fact that the mobile view looks really good as it maintains the design of the desktop/PC view. Unlike the older templates, the colors of the widgets, background, and other things on the PC view are not "mirrored" by the mobile version.

These new templates are just enough for me at this point since I no longer have to buy or download templates that are designed by someone else. It's not that I'm discouraging everyone from using custom templates. It's just that it is easier to manage built-in Blogger templates as CSS and other coding is not or less necessary.

Alright, so there you have it. Have you tried them out yet? If so, how was your experience? Share them on the comments section!

M151 MUTT And Some More Photos

By On April 02, 2017

M151 MUTT (Military Utility Tactical Truck)

Don't be too surpsrised that I'm posting "men-stuff" 😎 here on my blog. My dad's passion for military trucks has been passed on to us and my siblings, long before we could even drive on our own. BTW, the URL "watermark" (lels) on some images lead to an old blog I set up for my dad's business, just so you know (I've set it to private for now as I'm overhaulin' the blog). Anyway, I just "rummaged" through my stash of old photos, and good thing, I still have 'em snapshots of these "beasts" we used to own.

This M151 MUTT (Military Utility Tactical Truck) (see image above) was what I used to learn how to drive, back in the late 90's (Don't ask. I know, I'm old). It has long been sold in the early 2000's. This picture was taken within the parking lot of the university where my mom teaches. She's the one using this truck (yes, my mom--a bad-ass, one-of-a-kind, bestest mom in the entire world💗--haha sorry) back then to go to work (yup, a daily driver). I like this model the most as it feels and looks "invincible". No matter how many pot holes and road bumps there are, this mighty fine "siga" can conquer them all. This truck glides over those obstacles smoothly, without making its passengers and driver feel like they're being beaten (like duhat with salt "sandwiched in two plates", shaken vigorously to "blend"). Pretty much like how a SUV works. So rugged, yet so smooth. I guess the independent suspension with coil springs was one great feature that made this truck really comfortable to ride.  Also, the M151, unlike the M38 and Mitsubishi J23, is wider so it's much roomier, adding to the comfort of riding it.

j23 (yellow)

Now, this Mitsubishi J23 is actually the one I featured on this previous post of mine about my dad's restored military vehicles. This picture was taken, back in the year 2009. Dad's using it to go to and from the farm, and any place he used to go to. I was unable to drive this one though but rode it on a few ocassions. If you're a passenger of this, you'll really feel the ruggedness. It's not as comfortable to ride as the M151. The color was yellow (obviously haha) and it was later changed to military green, as you can see right here:


To be honest, I like them all. Even more when they are painted like this one up here. The yellow one with the brown roof is too "preppy" for a vehicle with such ruggedness (maybe I'm just partial in favor of the "real" color these trucks should wear). I guess that's just Dad, being his creative self. On a side note, this J23 is just sitting there in our garage back home (I live away  from my parents) and is still waiting for a new owner. If you are interested, feel free to contact me by commenting on this post, by sending an email through contact (at) bloggermother.com, or by sending a message through this form.

Update: My brother is now starting to build his own "empire" (lol) under my dad's tutelage (naks hahah). He made his own Facebook page where you'll see the progress of his projects. Check them out here.