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Non-fancy-holiday Kind of Saturday

The Holy Week this year is officially over and my Facebook newsfeed is filled to the brim with beach holiday photos. Isa ako sa mga nanonood na lang haha. Anyway, that's actually one of my many confusions at this point.
Back in the day, when I used to wear high-waist shortpants and sando (with the 2-inch bangs), we spend this time of the year (was born/baptized Catholic, but not active anymore) at home. Yes, at home, where we're not even allowed to play outside, especially on Good Fridays (another thing I didn't quite get a good grasp of). 
Honestly, I have ceased (or started to be inactive) to participate in any religious activity since I was thirteen. Long story. Pero naiintindihan ko pa din naman ang konsepto ng "pangingilin"--which explains why most businesses are closed during Holy Week. The Holy Week I knew is a time to reflect, and abstain from any other activities done on regular days. There's the Visita Iglesia, Pabása, Penitensya and all other trad…

World Famous Snacks Salted Egg Chips

I didn't really quite get that time what's so special about it. Based on what I've read on various articles online, this snack originated from Singapore.  In my current job, I get to see different kinds of websites and that's where I first laid my eyes on salted-egg chips snack. The savory goodie was and I believe, still being sold by a Singapore-based startup (the name and URL, I forgot, sorry -.-). It became all the rage here in the Philippines last year (2016). There are various sellers, mostly Manila-based and have Facebook pages where orders can be placed.  But I checked and none of them accept PayPal payments. Then came World Famous Snacks (which I found on Facebook). Enter, Sandman lol.

It might be premature to say this as I haven't tried any other salted-egg chips from other sellers yet, but THIS IS THE BEST! Honestly. The Indian leaves added to its appeal, eliminating the "umay" you'll usually get from savory food like this. Quite minty, if …

New Blogger Template (Emporio)!

Hey all! Okay, I completely forgot to update y'all about the new template this blog is now "wearing"😂. Anyway, a few days after March 20, 2017, I found that Blogger released a set of new templates (four templates), namely Contempo, Soho, Emporio, and Notable. You can see the information about these in the Official Blogger Blog.
I tried them all out and the most fitting one (at least for my taste) is Emporio. It's not too fancy and it's very sleek. I just made some customizations further using the Theme Designer to match my preferences. Although it took me quite a while to get what I wanted as in the Layouts, there were two sets of sidebar panel, one for the homepage, one for the single post page. I found that I can set two different looks (or set different elements) on the each sidebar. Another thing that bummed me out was the search bar. As much as I wanted to add one, I refrained from doing so as it somehow causes the SSL (https) to stop woking/causes the sit…

M151 MUTT And Some More Photos

Don't be too surpsrised that I'm posting "men-stuff" 😎 here on my blog. My dad's passion for military trucks has been passed on to us and my siblings, long before we could even drive on our own. BTW, the URL "watermark" (lels) on some images lead to an old blog I set up for my dad's business, just so you know (I've set it to private for now as I'm overhaulin' the blog). Anyway, I just "rummaged" through my stash of old photos, and good thing, I still have 'em snapshots of these "beasts" we used to own.
This M151 MUTT (Military Utility Tactical Truck) (see image above) was what I used to learn how to drive, back in the late 90's (Don't ask. I know, I'm old). It has long been sold in the early 2000's. This picture was taken within the parking lot of the university where my mom teaches. She's the one using this truck (yes, my mom--a bad-ass, one-of-a-kind, bestest mom in the entire world💗--haha…