M151 MUTT And Some More Photos

M151 MUTT (Military Utility Tactical Truck)
Don’t be too surpsrised that I’m posting “men-stuff” 😎 here on my blog. My dad’s passion for military trucks has been passed on to us and my siblings, long before we could even drive on our own. BTW, the URL “watermark” (lels) on some images lead to an old blog I set up for my dad’s business, just so you know (I’ve set it to private for now as I’m overhaulin’ the blog). Anyway, I just “rummaged” through my stash of old photos, and good thing, I still have ’em snapshots of these “beasts” we used to own.
This M151 MUTT (Military Utility Tactical Truck) (see image above) was what I used to learn how to drive, back in the late 90’s (Don’t ask. I know, I’m old). It has long been sold in the early 2000’s. This picture was taken within the parking lot of the university where my mom teaches. She’s the one using this truck (yes, my mom–a bad-ass, one-of-a-kind, bestest mom in the entire world💗–haha sorry) back then to go to work (yup, a daily driver). I like this model the most as it feels and looks “invincible”. No matter how many pot holes and road bumps there are, this mighty fine “siga” can conquer them all. This truck glides over those obstacles smoothly, without making its passengers and driver feel like they’re being beaten (like duhat with salt “sandwiched in two plates”, shaken vigorously to “blend”). Pretty much like how a SUV works. So rugged, yet so smooth. I guess the independent suspension with coil springs was one great feature that made this truck really comfortable to ride.  Also, the M151, unlike the M38 and Mitsubishi J23, is wider so it’s much roomier, adding to the comfort of riding it.
j23 (yellow)
Now, this Mitsubishi J23 is actually the one I featured on this previous post of mine about my dad’s restored military vehicles. This picture was taken, back in the year 2009. Dad’s using it to go to and from the farm, and any place he used to go to. I was unable to drive this one though but rode it on a few ocassions. If you’re a passenger of this, you’ll really feel the ruggedness. It’s not as comfortable to ride as the M151. The color was yellow (obviously haha) and it was later changed to military green, as you can see right here:

To be honest, I like them all. Even more when they are painted like this one up here. The yellow one with the brown roof is too “preppy” for a vehicle with such ruggedness (maybe I’m just partial in favor of the “real” color these trucks should wear). I guess that’s just Dad, being his creative self. On a side note, this J23 is just sitting there in our garage back home (I live away  from my parents) and is still waiting for a new owner. If you are interested, feel free to contact me by commenting on this post, by sending an email through contact (at) bloggermother.com, or by sending a message through this form.

Update: My brother is now starting to build his own “empire” (lol) under my dad’s tutelage (naks hahah). He made his own Facebook page where you’ll see the progress of his projects. Check them out here.