New Blogger Template (Emporio)!

Hey all! Okay, I completely forgot to update y’all about the new template this blog is now “wearing”😂. Anyway, a few days after March 20, 2017, I found that Blogger released a set of new templates (four templates), namely Contempo, Soho, Emporio, and Notable. You can see the information about these in the Official Blogger Blog.
I tried them all out and the most fitting one (at least for my taste) is Emporio. It’s not too fancy and it’s very sleek. I just made some customizations further using the Theme Designer to match my preferences. Although it took me quite a while to get what I wanted as in the Layouts, there were two sets of sidebar panel, one for the homepage, one for the single post page. I found that I can set two different looks (or set different elements) on the each sidebar. Another thing that bummed me out was the search bar. As much as I wanted to add one, I refrained from doing so as it somehow causes the SSL (https) to stop woking/causes the site to appear not secure. Tried several times to “tweak” it to make it work with HTTPS but I rest my case. Hahahah. I might just have to stop for now.
Anyway, I must say that, with these new templates, Google made sure that the current users of this blogging platform can put up a blog that could rival WordPress blogs, at least when it comes to looks. Also, I like the fact that the mobile view looks really good as it maintains the design of the desktop/PC view. Unlike the older templates, the colors of the widgets, background, and other things on the PC view are not “mirrored” by the mobile version.
These new templates are just enough for me at this point since I no longer have to buy or download templates that are designed by someone else. It’s not that I’m discouraging everyone from using custom templates. It’s just that it is easier to manage built-in Blogger templates as CSS and other coding is not or less necessary.
Alright, so there you have it. Have you tried them out yet? If so, how was your experience? Share them on the comments section!