Non-fancy-holiday Kind of Saturday

The Holy Week this year is officially over and my Facebook newsfeed is filled to the brim with beach holiday photos. Isa ako sa mga nanonood na lang haha. Anyway, that’s actually one of my many confusions at this point.
Back in the day, when I used to wear high-waist shortpants and sando (with the 2-inch bangs), we spend this time of the year (was born/baptized Catholic, but not active anymore) at home. Yes, at home, where we’re not even allowed to play outside, especially on Good Fridays (another thing I didn’t quite get a good grasp of). 

Honestly, I have ceased (or started to be inactive) to participate in any religious activity since I was thirteen. Long story. Pero naiintindihan ko pa din naman ang konsepto ng “pangingilin”–which explains why most businesses are closed during Holy Week. The Holy Week I knew is a time to reflect, and abstain from any other activities done on regular days. There’s the Visita Iglesia, Pabása, Penitensya and all other tradition that Catholic Filipinos have been practicing through the years. 

Okay, call me KJ (kill-joy haha), or maybe “old” for this “social media generation”. But I don’t get why some people would actually “celebrate and have fun” (out-of-town vacay) when this particular time of the year is not intended for that. Well, in a way, yes as going to the beach or just a small river is only done on Easter Sunday. I know, you’d say it’s their prerogative, their time and money they are spending so I don’t have any say on whatever they want to do with their lives. Touché. 
Like I said, I just don’t get it. How times have changed. Just consider this post–me asking “why?”. I’m not generalizing or anything. I know a few people who still pratice the “old ways”. It’s just that these “old ways” are now being replaced with something new.
I definitely don’t live in under a rock. I’m actually much more aware than ever, having been on social media since Friendster days. I get to see and observe more closely. While it is good to see that the Philippines is evolving fast, it’s not bad to still see that old traditions are not completely obliterated. Our nation is generally Catholic, but there are also other religions. I understand that not all Filipino people follow these traditions. But it’s still good to see these traditions still being practiced as these things are part of our culture.
In case you ask what I did this week, I just had the regular stuff; I worked (online job), but didn’t go elsewhere (though my husband’s family is not Catholic–and we live with them). Even if we followed the trend (beachin’), it’s inconvenient as the beaches were packed for sure.
How ’bout you? What did you do during Holy Week?