World Famous Snacks Salted Egg Chips

I didn’t really quite get that time what’s so special about it. Based on what I’ve read on various articles online, this snack originated from Singapore.  In my current job, I get to see different kinds of websites and that’s where I first laid my eyes on salted-egg chips snack. The savory goodie was and I believe, still being sold by a Singapore-based startup (the name and URL, I forgot, sorry -.-). It became all the rage here in the Philippines last year (2016). There are various sellers, mostly Manila-based and have Facebook pages where orders can be placed.  But I checked and none of them accept PayPal payments. Then came World Famous Snacks (which I found on Facebook). Enter, Sandman lol.

Salted-egg chips in Davao, Philippines

It might be premature to say this as I haven’t tried any other salted-egg chips from other sellers yet, but THIS IS THE BEST! Honestly. The Indian leaves added to its appeal, eliminating the “umay” you’ll usually get from savory food like this. Quite minty, if you’ll ask me. You might think it’s weird if there’s hint of mint, but I guarantee, it doesn’t taste weird at all.

The packaging, though most of the other brands have the same type, is good and is re-sealable. Although it could use a little re-work on the label/logo. But everything’s good. The label doesn’t make the product less in  quality.

This 100g pack up here, costs PhP 200, and I bought five bags of the regular Golden Salted Egg chips, and three bags of Dragon Flavored (spicy) chips. I placed the order on April 4th. Then, of course they prepared my orders which was not shipped until April 7. I received it on the 10th of April (fast delivery!). It’s really great that though the chips were shipped from Davao (yes, Davao City, where our President hails from–let’s support locally made products!), I got it earlier than expected.

World Famous Snacks Salted Egg Chips
Just look at those nice golden crisps. Aren’t they lovely? By the way, the bag is almost empty when I took this shot. I’d have to agree with Word Famous Snacks when they say that their salted egg chips are not greasy. Because these chips are really not greasy. The salted egg flavor is rich and it isn’t THAT salty, which is a plus for moi.
As for the Dragon SE chips, they’re my personal favorite. It’s spicy, but it doesn’t get too spicy. My husband and everyone here at home prefers the original salted-egg flavor though. IDK. I guess they like savoring the creaminess of the salted egg, sans the spicy flavor. I’ll have to add more of the it when I order next time. Yes, I’ll probably buy more 🙂
If you’re interested, you may visit them at their Facebook page: World Famous Snacks. You can send a private message or call/SMS through 0917 623 7379.
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Product is paid for by yours truly. All text and image content are mine.