Online Shopping Review: Poundit (formerly YouPoundit), Gouache Harvey Bag

I recently got my own mirrorless camera (finally!) and I see it just fitting that I get a bag for it. Since I’m so much a fan of online shopping (and I’m too far from stores), I shopped around and found one online store that actually sells them (drumroll) — Poundit.
For years, my go-to place for shopping most stuff I need is Lazada. But then, not all sellers in it don’t really sell high-quality stuff so I had to look elsewhere. It was generally an “enlightening” experience as my eyes were opened (opened really wide due to their product lineup) to much better options.
Alright, so the first time I heard about Poundit (I follow “Bayaw” Jun Sabayton–through him I found Poundit), I didn’t really care that time but I checked it out anyway (out of curiosity). Since they sell electronics, I assumed they also have cameras, and of course camera bags.
Luckily, the camera bags they sell are those that don’t look like camera bags at all (which is how I like it–regular canvas bags). Not only that the Gouache bags are inconspicuous, they’re also made here in the Philippines–they’re made of waxed canvas and leather, all sourced and handcrafted locally. 
I got even luckier as the Gouache Harvey bag was on sale when I ordered one. It’s price was PhP1710, which is less than the original pricing (PhP1900) as posted on Gouache’s website. What made things more exciting for me was that when I placed the order on April 26th, 2017, I received the bag on April 28th. Yup! Two freakin’ days, you guys! Based on Poundit’s shipping info, provincial deliveries could take 5-7 days. Well, they exceeded my expectations. Plus, the fact that they use LBC only sweetened the deal much more. I don’t know. Haha. I just find it more reassuring if I know where my package is right? 
Overall, the shopping experience is really great (it would be so much more if  Poundit comes up with a mobile app). Placing the order was easy-peasy. The brands they carry, well, they’re the good stuff. Though it could be a lot better if they could bring more brands in like Canon, Olympus, etc. #wishfulthinking. Check them out through https://www.poundit.com.
Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The Gouache Harvey Bag is paid for by myself. Images, and text are all mine.