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Got Inked!

After years of contemplation on getting a tattoo, I've finally done it! I've been thinking about it since I was eighteen and now I couldn't have been happier that I finally got inked. For years, I've thought about lots of tattoo designs, if those would look good on me, which part of my body I'd put it on, etc. It took quite a long time and a lot of thinking, 'coz, you know, tattoos are forever (not, if you'll consider removal, though--but what's the point of getting one when you'll regret it one day, right?).

I ended up getting a wave design (my husband actually picked it--it was horizontally flipped for me so it's a pair or wave tats for us) .Ain't going to post any picture here though. I'd like you to see the awesome works of our tattoo artist on his Instagram account. Here's the link to our tatoos when it was done. If you happen to be around town on a Friday to Tuesday (Nueva Ecija) and you dig his style, send him  DM (you can al…