To Migrate Or Not To Migrate

Nope. Definitely not talking about me moving to a different country. Here’s the real deal: I got this sweet “Value” Shared hosting plan from Namecheap for $9.88 for the first year. Not bad, right? Since I’ve got this package recently, I’ve came to realize a lot of things I’m missing out on. WordPress is the main reason behind this nonsensical rambling you’re about to suffer reading through (mehehe). Okay, kidding aside, I  miss using WordPress. Since this blog’s come-back, I’ve been using Blogger.com. I’ve got nothing against Blogger. In fact, it’s my “first love” as it’s where I started my exploration of the whole blogging venture. 

BUT, like I said, I miss the feel of customizing and creating content via WordPress. I miss installing plugins/themes of all sorts. I like challenges it has to offer (yes, I learn through the hard way). Most beautiful blogs I see out there are made of this flexible and powerful tool. It’s just that I’m thinking ahead of time. Would I be able to handle the hosting’s upkeep moving forward? 
Two years ago, I’ve signed-up for a hosting package (Arvixe, to be exact) and my experience was less than satisfactory. Sure, the package was very easy on the pocket, but I guess this is where “you get what you pay for” is most applicable. My site went offline for far too many times. And customer support was unable to give me valid reason as to why it happened to my site. I’ve had enough so I decided not to renew. And besides, I’d have to pay $60 for the renewal of the plan which is an amount I’m not willing to shell out for such a crappy service. End of the story.
Now, I have yet to find out if Namecheap is going to be the same banana or not. But I’m hoping it will turn out otherwise. It’s just that I’m not entirely sure whether Blogger Mother is going to “jump-ship” again or stay put in Blogger’s servers. For now, I’ve made my husband’s site using my Namecheap Hosting package. I don’t know. 
Right now, I don’t have the bandwidth to migrate everything I have here over to WordPress. I guess it’s clear that I’m not going to use it for this blog. However. I’m thinking about using it for other purposes such as my brother’s/dad’s little car restoration biz. 
— End of rambling
P.S. In case you’re within the area (Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija) and you need a quick fix for your cars/military utility vehicles, you may contact my bro through his Facebook page (yes, doesn’t have a website at the moment).


I’ve just realized that I really cannot move this blog over (again) to WordPress. I’d need to purchase an SSL certificate if I did, so I’ll stay put. No WordPress for BloggerMother for now 😂