Matt Goes To School (Again)!

Child with Autism Can Be In School
Photo by Kelli Tungay on Unsplash
Hey, y’all! I’m just happy to tell everyone that it’s been months since we’ve decided to send our son, Matt, to school again. Unlike before, he’s now excited to come to school (aside from his therapy sessions) more than ever. 
I’ve rambled before about him not being able to complete the whole school year as he’s being bullied for being “different”. It’s not like that anymore! 🙂 As opposed to what was recommended by the child specialist we brought him to, we’ve chosen to sign him up under the SpEd (Special Education) program. My initial hesitation came from the fact that he may mimick what his other classmates do (also on the autism-spectrum), but he doesn’t really do it. Which is good. His teacher also gives us updates about his progress (which, btw, is really surprising–this includes him being the “mediator” when the other kids are fighting). Well, he deserves to have friends, too, doesn’t he? And for this, I think he’s doing a pretty awesome job, regardless of his condition.
We don’t really want him spending the rest of his life in solitude. I and his dad are the kind of people who have lots of friends and we’d like the same for him as well. At this time, he’s formed some “bonds” with two of his classmates (there are five students in his class). We’re really proud of him. He may not be as articulate as those typical kids his age, but we’ve come to realize that kids like him stand a chance at living a normal life.