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New Passport Application in DFA Pampanga

After getting delayed due to the recent transport strike, I finally got my passport processed. Yay! FYI, this is a new application (yeah, I'm already this old before I decided to get one--how irresponsible of me haha). I tried applying through DFA Aseana, and DFA Angeles (Marquee Mall), but then I was rejected twice already due to incomplete requirements.

After two failed attempts, I finally was able to have it processed. Never mind my rants previously. Haha. I was just so frustrated that it's almost as if the universe does not want me to explore the other parts of the globe. It's a good thing that those who had confirmed appointments on Oct. 16 and 17 are allowed to come back anytime until Oct 30th so I'm all good. Okay, so how was the entire experience then?

First off, I'd like to commend the whole DFA staff (including the security). Yay! They all made the whole ordeal of lining up seem so less than  when you have to enroll in a State U. From reminding applicant…

Stuck! (National Transport Strike)

Mag-ra-rant lang ako ulit. I understand that though our government is working towards improvement of the transportation sector, many groups (of drivers and operators in particular) just wouldn't welcome this change. Probably, due to the fact that the jeepney is one of Philippines' symbol, that there are a lot of families depending on earnings they get for operating these "beasts" transporting commuters to and from wherever. Or many other reasons. I can't name them all.
Ang point ko lang naman is that, though nai-declare na walang pasok, may mga importante pa din naman na lakad. Like on Oct. 16, 2017, I have a passport application appointment on DFA. Buti na lang, I caught the announcement early on before that date. Nakapag-bargain pa ako to move my leave to Tuesday (Oct. 17). But then on Tuesday, nandun na ako sa DFA Office (which is a good three-hour travel from my place), when another announcement of #WalangPasok was made. F*ck, di ba? Nasayang na ang pamasahe…

Lucky Me

Lucky me. No, it's not the instant noodles most of us Filipinos buy in the grocery stores. I just realized that out of all events that transpired for the past few weeks, I'm lucky that the people I truly care about are safe, well, at least for now.  Have you ever thought about it? We can't really tell what tomorrow brings us. We may have planned ahead, but those plans will most certainly be disrupted. Sometimes by unspeakable things that only the mind of a corrupt human-being can do, sometimes by circumstances that nobody can ever prevent.
I'm all for making-your-own-path kind of mind-set. No one can blame anyone for whatever outcome results from one's own actions. But is it really what it is? That I am responsible for whatever happens to me, or to any person who I have close ties with? NO. Just, no. Sometimes I wonder, if this whole vicious cycle will ever end. Will it be punctuated in bloodshed? I fervently hope not. It has just started out that way. But what ca…

Bloggers vs Influencers, Earnings, Etc.

I'm trying my best not to comment on the previous days' events. But ikennat  (as ThinkingPinoy says) refrain from talking about it. I guess you already know that it's the Senate Hearing about the proliferation of fake news, where RJ Nieto/ThinkingPinoy (I really dig this guy's writing style, so intelligent, and I so love his mad research skills 😊--been following him since last year), together with other SocMed (Social Media) bloggers, were invited as resource persons. Much has been said about this event but I have even more to say.
Anong problema ko, ngarod?Ang laki, kasi someone said bloggers were paid/hired as influencers for promoting the President during the campaign period. Anudaw? Alright, this I have to disagree with with my entire being. Why? The terms "bloggers" and "influencers" have been used interchangeably when they're not exactly the same. What's a blogger and what's an influencer, anyway? I'll try to explain it in my …