Bloggers vs Influencers, Earnings, Etc.

I’m trying my best not to comment on the previous days’ events. But ikennat  (as ThinkingPinoy says) refrain from talking about it. I guess you already know that it’s the Senate Hearing about the proliferation of fake news, where RJ Nieto/ThinkingPinoy (I really dig this guy’s writing style, so intelligent, and I so love his mad research skills 😊–been following him since last year), together with other SocMed (Social Media) bloggers, were invited as resource persons. Much has been said about this event but I have even more to say.
Anong problema ko, ngarod? Ang laki, kasi someone said bloggers were paid/hired as influencers for promoting the President during the campaign period. Anudaw? Alright, this I have to disagree with with my entire being. Why? The terms “bloggers” and “influencers” have been used interchangeably when they’re not exactly the same. What’s a blogger and what’s an influencer, anyway? I’ll try to explain it in my own (tedious) way below:


To clear things out, a blogger is someone who’s writing on his/her own webspace. To be a bit more technical, a blogger has his own space on the interwebs, that’s called a blog (like the one you’re reading/looking at right now), where the writings are housed, coupled with dates when those posts were published. 
Aside from blogging platforms such as Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, etc. Facebook and Twitter, (microblogging platforms that allow “micro blogs”–short, frequent updates/posting) are being used by the socmed bloggers as their platform for sharing their thoughts. Hence, the term “soc-med” bloggers. They write their opinions on their own walls/pages. 
However, an influencer (may be a blogger or just a known personality such as celebrities) is a personality who can “influence” (through blog, social media, TV, YouTube, whatever) a certain set of people–specifically, a target market– into buying products and/or services, or even turn them into “fans” of some known personalities ie TV personalities, politicians. Influencers may be paid by those companies behind those goods/services, of course, depending on them if it’s their job/business. One can be an influencer without getting paid, though, in the case of celebrities who are simply advocates/patrons/product-evangelists of stuff they use.
In the digital age, one common denominator between bloggers and influencers is social media presence. A blogger may have a social media page, which is, used as well to “influence” readers into patronizing something. Some bloggers write reviews/promotional posts for certain products and/or services, which they get paid for. This way, a blogger is considered as an influencer. Influencers mainly use social media, but they can also use their own webpages (though not as much as a blogger does) in doing so.
BUT not all bloggers are influencers. Most bloggers have social media profiles, sure. They use social media platforms as a tool to gain engagement or to be able to reach a wider audience, aside from visitors gained from search results ie Google Search. Like what I do, I blog but it’s not my goal to influence people into becoming customers for some brands and all that commercial stuff. In short, I’m not getting paid by different companies to promote, like what influencers do. I only get a very small amount from running Google AdSense ads (I don’t get much, as people don’t come here often–and I’m not actively sharing my posts on social media, so there’s less chance that I get paid for views/visits). And you know moi, for each review I post, I nitpick. I spit it out here it when I don’t like something. It’s highly unlikely that I’d get hired to become an evangelist. Hahaha. That’s about it. No frills. I have a day-job so I’m not totally dependent on what I “earn” from the ads (if you can call a few cents as earnings 😂).

There. Ang haba ng sinabi ko di ba. But my main point here is that in general, a blogger should not be mistaken for an influencer.

Now, are those socmed bloggers paid/hired to become influencers? This I can tell you: no amount of money can buy that fire and passion in standing up for what’s best for our country.