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Happy Holidays!

By On December 30, 2017
new year

Hey, all! Might be a little late, but I'd like to wish everyone happiness during the holidays 😊. Imma say this is going to be a yearender post (I haven't posted a lot this year though) as well. Though there's not a lot to read (and not a lot of readers coming to my space either), I'd like to thank anyone who actually paid a visit. Hope you're able to gather some takeaways!

Anyway, it's actually a bit quiet on this part of the globe as a write this (taking a quick break from work--I'm actually on a rush), and I'd like to be able to savor the peace and calm. A lot has happened over the year and I'm thankful for everything--memories, material things (of course! haha), health, and anything I have now that's there to be thankful for. I may have messed up along the way, but I'm sure I'm doing good in some departments 👊. That sounded a bit too braggy hahahaha. But seriously, I never thought I'd be able to pull this off. There were things that went out of hand, but hey, I'm just happy that this year's almost over and I'm so excited for the next and what it has to offer. 

Ayan, tama na ang kadramahan. Note to self: you seriously have to save up (good luck to me hahahaha). I hope you are also thinking about it. Just makes sense, right? I mean, come on, sino ba hindi gumastos ng bonggang bongga ngayon? Kailangan mag-ipon, magbawas ng kain (alam mo na, nakakataba ang holidays), and some other positive shit that will make me a better person (nuks haha better person).

Okay! I'm starting to sound like the annoying kid I used to be so I'm going to sleep for now. Tulog ka na rin! 🌛 Good night!

PayPal To Security Bank Transfer

By On December 03, 2017
Previously, I used to transfer my PayPal funds to my Security Bank account for a fee of PhP 200.00 per transfer. That's automatic. It's been that way since I've opened my bank account, until March, 2017. Yes, that's right! No more inward remittance fees when transferring from PayPal to a Security Bank bank account. 

I just recently found out about it when I was reviewing my bank statements for the last six (6) months. When I could find the fees in my March statements, my initial thoughts were that I might get billed for it one-time, big time. But then just to be sure, I checked out the Security Bank's Fees & Charges page. There it was, sittting all-smiles and pretty at me. Okay, that's creepy. Haha! Anyway, although there was no notification from Security Bank about this, this is a welcome change and they made sure to update their Inward Remittance fees table to reflect it. Awesome! I know there are also other banks also have the PayPal fee waived for transfers ie EastWest bank. And it's a good thing that Security Bank joined the bandwagon.

This is good news for people like me who get paid via PayPal and have a bank account with Security Bank. If you'd think about it, the amount that I was billed for for the last several years, it's quite a large amount. And I don't really earn that much so, this means I now get to save an additional PhP 800.00 per month (I transfer funds weekly). Yay! This just makes me feel happy and it's so good not to share 😁. Security Bank, again, gave me another reason to be the happy camper that I am.