Traveled to China! – Shanghai


Shanghai Disneyland (Blogger Mother)

You guys, I missed you all! Haha. It’s been crazy for a few months and I haven’t been writing for a while. Anyhoo, I just want to let you know how awesome it was to travel to China. Though the trip was work-related, I and my colleagues still managed to squeeze in a few “gala” , despite our űber hectic schedule.

As part of the trip, we were in  for a treat in Shanghai Disneyland Resort (yup!). Together with three of my colleagues, we spent the entire day in Disney running around (we did a lot of it, and walking too!) just to get in line and get our hands dirty. First thing we hopped on was the Tron Lightcycle Power Run Ride. Technically, it was a rollercoaster ride–only, it wasn’t the usual two-seater car, but two badass lightcycles per row. And the rest of the day was superb as well. By the way, here’s the list of activities we did in there:

  • Eye of the Storm: Captain Jack’s Stunt Spectacular – The show was mainly in Chinese, but the effects, stunts, and great performance of the actors made it all worth it. 
  • Marvel Universe – We got to see different Iron Man versions in here. Captain America was there, too but he’s nothing close to Chris Evans 😂 (pipe dream, okay?)
  • Soaring Over The Horizon – By far, the best experience I’ve had. It took me to many places across the globe, and made me feel, smell those places too! Warning: If you’re afraid of heights, there’s two takeaways; either you conquer your fear, or it scares the shit out of you the moment it begins.
  • Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue – It’s enjoyable to shoot targets while on a moving vehicle, albeit a bit too kiddie for me.
  • Explorer Canoes – It was nice riding those canoes while we “rowed” (the boats don’t really seem to move irregularly; though there might be some kind of mechanism/machine that propels them). Only thing I didn’t really like was the long queue before we got our turn to ride.
  • Enchanted Storybook Castle – We went around (sort of a mini-tour) inside the castle and watched those “snippets”. Again, they’re in Chinese. It wasn’t really my cup-of-tea ‘coz I’m grown-ass woman already. This is good for kids though. 
Note: I’d update the post with “some” of the pictures I took. I just have a lot of them and it would take time to upload them all, so I’d just pick out some first.

We didn’t stay for the fireworks show, ‘coz we were all dog-tired, so we just went to East Nanjing Road (this is their fabulous shopping destination with desiner brands lining up almost the entire road). The tour ended on the famous “The Bund”. It was winter so during our visit, it was cold AF. But the long walk in the cold (not to mention the loads of people on the streets) was all worth it.

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To cap it off, we went to a traditional Chinese restaurant called “Nanjing Impressions“, along Nanjing West Road, courtesy of one of our Chinese colleagues. Thanks, girl! And thanks to our company for letting me experience the best of Shanghai.

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