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Month: March 2018


A Century And Beyond

A Century And Beyond

From left to right: Myself, Tatang (as we so fondly call him-our grandfather), and one of my sisters. Taken during his 100th birthday, on November, 2016 I know you wouldn’t be able to read…

Bakit Nga Ba Ko Nagba-blog?

So anong ka-dramahan to? Ayon, Semana Santa na ulit ngayong 2018. Nagba-blog pa din ako kahit hindi na ganun kadalas. Pero bakit nga ba ako nagba-blog? Ako lang din naman ang nagbabasa (I…

Are You Successful?

Have you ever felt you’re being left behind? You see your friends moving up the corporate ladder, right after you graduate, some start living on their own, others live abroad, party all night…