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A Century And Beyond

I know you wouldn't be able to read this. I doubt if you ever will, had you stayed longer--you mostly marvel on simpler things, one of the things about you that still leaves me in awe. I still have a lot to tell you though--that I want to thank you for passing on your wisdom and raising my mom--so she, together with my dad, could raise us all the same as you and Nanay raised your daughters. 
Thank you for reminding us, that whatever we wear, may it be a burlap sack or pieces of rags, it won't really matter. Thank you for making us understand that no matter what a person wears/looks like, s/he deserves respect just as much as any other person does. 
You were a great tailor, who used his bare hands to make beautiful clothes, yet you  have never taught us to want grander things for ourselves.

You know, I can never thank you enough. Not even with a whole month's worth of posts. I wanted to sing to you. It broke my heart to see you like that on your bed as I held your hand, bu…

Bakit Nga Ba Ko Nagba-blog?

So anong ka-dramahan to? Ayon, Semana Santa na ulit ngayong 2018. Nagba-blog pa din ako kahit hindi na ganun kadalas. Pero bakit nga ba ako nagba-blog? Ako lang din naman ang nagbabasa (I think). Gumagastos ako para sa domain (although yearly lang naman). Pero ano nga ba napapala ko dito? Ano'ng kahibangan 'to? Sayang oras, etc. Okay, ang dami tanong. Pero, eto lang naman: 
Sa totoo lang, college pa ko non eh, nung nauso 'tong Blogger (oo, matanda na ko). Nagtry lang naman baka sakaling matuwa ako. Eh yun, natuwa si bakla, kaya ayan may chenes kunwari ako na blog dati. Kaso nakalimutan ko na nga. And I didn't really write much that time, so ayos lang. Hindi ko din masyadong dinibdib, kase, marami rin akong ganap nun. Hindi rin naman ako magaling magsulat.
Ganun pa man, hindi naman ako naghahangad na maging sing galing ng iba kong classmates noon. Hindi rin naman ako nangarap na magsulat sa school paper or nangarap na maging journo dati. Basta nakakasulat, okay na ako …

Are You Successful?

Have you ever felt you're being left behind? You see your friends moving up the corporate ladder, right after you graduate, some start living on their own, others live abroad, party all night every night. While you, you're left with whatever job you can find here. Sounds dire, doesn't it? Well, just know this: you don't have to earn as much as a CEO can just so you could call yourself successful. Last time I checked, not all people who get all their whims (just because they have the means to) are as happy as a kid who get a bag full of candy--content, even.
Some would say, "don't be content with what you have", or something to that effect. While I partially agree with it, I don't look at things that way completely. One can choose to stick to what s/he has, and be fine with it. It's okay. If s/he feels contentment, I'd say that person is fulfilled, regardless of the financial status. Success is not all about financial success, you know? It can…

Enable HTTPS/SSL for Blogger/Blogspot with Custom Domain (Built-in)

Good news! now issues SSL certificates on blogs with custom domains. Previously, I've posted about using CloudFlare to enable HTTPS on blogs with custom domain connected, as a workaround (Blogger didn't have HTTPS for custom domains back then). Now, I can get rid of CloudFlare and use the built-in solution instead. 
This cool new feature is still in beta stage and Google have yet to annouce when it's going to be officially released. This is the reason it's not visible in your regular Blogger dashboard, so you need to access it on Blogger Draft
In case you haven't had any SSL , I think it's time that you have it enabled. Check out these steps: Access and head over to Settings>BasicClick the drop-down menu on "HTTPS Availability" and select "Yes".

Now, you'll only have to wait. It doesn't take effect immediately so be patient. When I've set up mine, it took around 15 minutes. Clear your br…