A Century And Beyond

From left to right: Myself, Tatang (as we so fondly call him-our grandfather), and one of my sisters. Taken during his 100th birthday, on November, 2016
I know you wouldn’t be able to read this. I doubt if you ever will, had you stayed longer–you mostly marvel on simpler things, one of the things about you that still leaves me in awe. I still have a lot to tell you though–that I want to thank you for passing on your wisdom and raising my mom–so she, together with my dad, could raise us all the same as you and Nanay raised your daughters. 
Thank you for reminding us, that whatever we wear, may it be a burlap sack or pieces of rags, it won’t really matter. Thank you for making us understand that no matter what a person wears/looks like, s/he deserves respect just as much as any other person does. 
You were a great tailor, who used his bare hands to make beautiful clothes, yet you  have never taught us to want grander things for ourselves.

You know, I can never thank you enough. Not even with a whole month’s worth of posts. I wanted to sing to you. It broke my heart to see you like that on your bed as I held your hand, but you kept on fighting. You lived to be 101, until you can’t fight no more.

I’m sorry that I can’t be there when you left. We may not have told you a lot– and I hope the universe finds a way to tell you, that we love you and in our hearts we’ll hold you, until it’s time for us to meet again.

So long, Tatang! Make them nice suits up there, will you? See you again sometime!

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