Are You Successful?

Measure of Success
Have you ever felt you’re being left behind? You see your friends moving up the corporate ladder, right after you graduate, some start living on their own, others live abroad, party all night every night. While you, you’re left with whatever job you can find here. Sounds dire, doesn’t it? Well, just know this: you don’t have to earn as much as a CEO can just so you could call yourself successful. Last time I checked, not all people who get all their whims (just because they have the means to) are as happy as a kid who get a bag full of candy–content, even.
Some would say, “don’t be content with what you have”, or something to that effect. While I partially agree with it, I don’t look at things that way completely. One can choose to stick to what s/he has, and be fine with it. It’s okay. If s/he feels contentment, I’d say that person is fulfilled, regardless of the financial status. Success is not all about financial success, you know? It can be about anything that one does, that gives a sense of fulfillment, and then continues to strive and thrive. (Call me crazy-ass bitch, that I’m thinking about this kind of stuff in the wee hours on a Sunday. But you know, rare quiet moments like this give me time to reflect on “mundane” thoughts). 
I don’t know, really, but there’s a huge influx of inspirational stuff on social media, and I can only imagine what they do to people who are not as gutsy as Millenials are (they tend to be more aggressive). It could have either a positive (inspiration) or negative (frustration) effect. Not saying that you shouldn’t buy into all those shit–you know, you can read all those bunch of stuff. But always take everything with a grain of salt.
Anyway, at some point, I thought I was not doing enough about my life. But you know how everything you’ve hoped for or any plan you have would have to take a backseat, just because of certain circumstances? That’s what happens to most people, including myself. I used to think that, just because I can only do this or that, and that the situation doesn’t allow me to do other things, I won’t get what I want. I was so wrong. I sure wasn’t doing enough. And at that point, I’ve decided to take a huge leap from what I used to do, and taught myself (okay, this is not one of those inspirational success stories, fyi) many things. I’ve been employed for more than half a decade when  I decided to give up my job just so I could stay at home and work at the same time. From employed to a bum, I used my time to learn as much as I can, and it paid off when I landed this job, and I’ve been here for more than 4 years now (still counting!). Being able to get a home-based job (and keeping it) may not be what you’d call success. But, I’d say  this to you:

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

It doesn’t pay a 6-digit salary, but it paved the way for a lot of good things for moi. Working from home lets me be a housewife, a mom, and a provider at the same time. I don’t miss out family gatherings, travel, and I get to see how my son improves–I can interact with him all the time, unlike when I had to go to a real office–I had so little time. May not seem much, but they’re little successes, in their own way. Sure, there are other people who seem more successful than me–by one’s own definition. Guess what? I don’t care, I hate comparisons. I am my own competition, and I always aim to be better than I was yesterday, so yeah, I guess you know what my answer is. 🙂