Enable HTTPS/SSL for Blogger/Blogspot with Custom Domain (Built-in)

Good news! Blogger.com now issues SSL certificates on blogs with custom domains. Previously, I’ve posted about using CloudFlare to enable HTTPS on blogs with custom domain connected, as a workaround (Blogger didn’t have HTTPS for custom domains back then). Now, I can get rid of CloudFlare and use the built-in solution instead. 
This cool new feature is still in beta stage and Google have yet to annouce when it’s going to be officially released. This is the reason it’s not visible in your regular Blogger dashboard, so you need to access it on Blogger Draft
In case you haven’t had any SSL , I think it’s time that you have it enabled. Check out these steps:
  1. Access https://draft.blogger.com and head over to Settings>Basic
  2. Click the drop-down menu on “HTTPS Availability” and select “Yes”.
    Blogger HTTPS
  3. Now, you’ll only have to wait. It doesn’t take effect immediately so be patient. When I’ve set up mine, it took around 15 minutes. Clear your browser’s cache and cookies in case you get an error when you access it. Otherwise, use a different device ie mobile phone or tablet.
I checked the SSL on my site to see whether the blog is still on CloudFlare SSL (Comodo certificate) or if it’s already on Blogger’s SSL solution. I found that it already changed to Let’sEncrypt, so that means it’s changed. Here’s how to check it:
  1. Access your blog and click the “Secure” badge on the address bar.
  2. Then click “Valid” under “Certificate” from the menu.

    Blogger SSL Certificate

  3. You should then see this pop-up:

Hope this helps! 🙂