Blogging or Vlogging or Both?

April 22, 2018
Been blogging for quite sometime now, and I thought, "what if I try vlogging?". You know, I'm a type of person who isn't fond of talking a lot. Most of my family and friends could attest to that--and I'm mostly chatty only when I'm close to the person I'm with, so vlogging looks like a daunting task for me.

But you know, vlogging could be good or bad. Why? Like I said, I don't talk too much, and I'm aftraid that if I do vlogs, I might just end up with videos with a lot of dead air. Not that I can't edit it or something but let's just say I like posting with minimal edits, hence the blog. Also, I just thought about it and realized that once a video has been posted, there's no going back and editing. Unlike on blog posts, I can come back any time, in case there were some edits/updates needed. The good thing about vlogging is it's a way of giving a "face" to the voices behind blogs.

Blogging vs Vlogging
You see, YouTube or vlogging in general is one of the trendiest things on the interwebs now. A lot of people out there have made it as their career. Vlogging make blogging look like a thing of the past. Though I like watching videos about basically anything, I like the fact that I'm part of the audience. I have nothing against people who are jumping into the bandwagon. In fact, I laud them for having the guts to talk to a camera and spit their thoughts out for the world to see and hear. I'm also awed by their determination, making themselves (and their backgrounds) look great on camera. It takes a lot of effort, time, and resources, and that is something I can't afford right now.

I guess that's just me.

I used to work in call centers and talking is my primary source of income. I think it's almost the same with vlogging, with a plus. People get to see who are behind these persona, and it's pretty cool. It's just that it isn't for me. Well, I'm old-fashioned like that. I may not write really well, but hey, that's what blogging is for, right? No rules or whatever. I write on my own terms, and I write whatever I want. Not closing any doors, or any windows either. I might try vlogging. Or not. But I have to look or think about compelling stories to tell via videos if I do. I definitely can't do both, or at least dedicate time to make videos of interesting of helpful things such as tutorials. If I do it, just like what I do on blogging, it will be on my own terms and my own pace. For now, this is what I do. :)


Globe At Home Go Unli Broadband Plan 1899 Review

April 17, 2018
It's been a long while since I've last reviewed our upgraded Globe DSL plan which was the plan 1299 with up to 10mbps download speed. Since I work from home and I do a lot of screensharing (via GotoMeeting) and VOIP calls (via Skype), it takes up the 100GB too easily. And when this happens.  Since the internet connection here at home is shared by several other devices ie mobile phones, tablets, it almost always doesn't end well for me #sadlife.

Anyhoo, that's when we've decided to upgrade to the 15mbps plan 1599 which gives us an additional 50GB (150GB in total) for . It was good, during the first few months, but somehow, I felt like the data consumption went a few more notches higher as it could no longer last until the end of each month (still wondering about this). Fortunately, (and expectedly) a Loyalty department agent from Globe called again (the timing is so on point) for a "free" upgrade to the 15mbps plan for 1899, without data capping. Yes, that's correct. For the same speed, we pay an extra PhP300 just so we could use the internet without worrying about running out and not being able to use it for the rest of the month.

My thoughts about Globe's Go Unli Broadband Plan 1899 (15mbps)

So far, we haven't really experienced data capping (we're not supposed to, anyway). Everything goes smooth everyday. Of course, there's some latency being experienced when there are several devices connected and streaming videos (probably this is my son's doing--he's the only one who likes watching random YouTube videos). Apart from that, there's really nothing negative to report at this time. See that Speedtest result up there? That's made during peak hours and with me playing a 40-minute "Scandal" episode at the background.

Broadband Plan 1899 Go Unli
I have to be honest again, that at this point, I think Globe is finally listening to feedback from thousands of their subscibers and actually doing something about it.

I do hope that this will be our last upgrade (for now), so we can all be  #happycamper and get on with our daily lives. It's going to be very disappointing if somehow our usage is cranked up again just so we're forced to upgrade to a higher/more expensive plan.

Anyway, if you are interested and if you're not aware of this yet, you can check out these plans through this link.

Note: This is not a paid review.


Got Mail! PLDT-Smart MVP Rewards Card

April 09, 2018
Smart-PLDT MVP Rewards Card Powered by PayMaya
Today was definitely suprising! I've got this in the mail though I wasn't expecting any delivery. Turns out, Smart actually sent this card--for FREE!

Yes, it's for free for Smart and  PLDT subscribers who opted in for MVP rewards. Unlike the regular PayMaya account, one has to buy a card for PhP 150, then link it.

I've got to be honest, I'm impressed! Though it might take me a while to gather that much points to use it. I might just try loading it up and use it instead on any online store. I just hope, though, that it can be loaded up using PayPal  (that's where my funds actually come from) and it would be much more convenient that way. Like I said, I work from home and most transactions that I had to do, I do it online if it's possible. I pay  my bills ie mobile phone and internet plan, SSS contributions, PAG-IBIG contributions, (dang, I'd pay for PhilHealth online if I can, too). But, yeah, it's the Philippines and developments in tech is a bit far behind. Not complaining though. Just hoping it would go a bit faster