Traveled to China! – Chengdu

I haven’t been active here for quite sometime. After my very first visit in China in January 2018, as much as I’d like to document every single place we went to, and every food we ate in China, I didn’t have much time. We went back there in July and September (yeah, I didn’t expect I’d come back so soon), and I’ve accumulated a whole new bunch of pictures (some videos, too).

We didn’t really stay in Shanghai when we came back. Instead, we’ve spent our time in Chengdu, where we have another office. Chengdu, the fifth largest city in China, is located in Sichuan province (southwestern part of China). Sichuan is well known for its spicy food (especially Sichuan pepper) so we got to try out their specialty–hotpot, and chuan chuan! We went to different places such as the Chunxi Road (where shops for most luxury brands such as Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, etc. are all lined up). Then, for our company’s R&R, we travelled to  Lixian, a county in Sichuan–we hiked-then-trekked (for 3-4 hours) going to a camp site, where we had lamb and chicken barbecue and stayed overnight. Of course, on another day, we had fun walking around downtown Chengdu, where we got to try out some of their streetfood (octopus tentacles on skewers, sprinkled with chili powder). And, of course, the people are nice and friendly–always ready with a smile 😊

Alright, as promised in my previous post about my recent China travel, I’ll be uploading photos. There’s a lot, like seriously a lot more than my first visit, I’ve picked a few snaps and made it into a collage instead.

I might just add another collage (I’m tamad–lazy–like that), maybe tomorrow or the other day. Also, I took a video of our view from our hotel room. Some may not be aware that Chengdu is quite “lit” at night. Most skyscrapers, if not all, have their own fancy lights spanning the entire exterior. Check this out:

By the way, that’s only a very small part of Chengdu, and there’s a lot more buildings that are even fancier. I wish it’s that easy to go around the city while taking a video haha. But, I think it gives you, at least, a glimpse of how the city looks like at night. It was such a nice experience knowing (and living in) China on a deeper level.

Okay, my thoughts are starting to overflow, and I can’t stop writing lol. I have to stop right here for now–got some errands to do. A new post will be up in a few weeks or maybe in a month (I’m not really sure yet) as again, I’ll be coming back there by the end of the year. Bye for now! 👋